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Looking for a luthier in NYC


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I tried searching for this but to no avail...

I broke the nut on my 5 string in the process of changing to TI jazz flats. I sanded the existing grove for the B string but didn't do a good enough job and the nut just cracked. I guess I underestimated the change from a .125 to a .139! Anywho...I know this is a simple fix but at this point I'd just rather give it to someone, have the nut fixed and the bass set up properly with the new strings. Where do the NYC LDLDer's take their instruments when they need work? TIA

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I've used Jimmy at the Bass Boutique and recommend him. Not exactly Long Island (they are on 9th at 50th in Manhattan).


Call The Groove Shoppe in Farmingdale - they may have a better option( (631) 291-9553 ). Their official Groove Shoppe Bass is built by Dave Segal (New York Bass Works), but I don't know if he does repairs.


I go into Manhattan 3+ days a week and I'm not that far from Jimmy if you want me to carry it for you (PM me).




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From the dark side......

C'mon...just a little dab of superglue won't hurt anything....Do it...Just a little dab....Maybe rough up the surface first with a little nail file....C'mon...just do it.... it won't hurt...

Things are just the way they are, and they're only going to get worse.

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Evan Gluck did an excellent setup on my fretted bass. I have a .145 on my B, and he made it work - very even from string to string. And he's a good guy, too.


I love David Gage's shop, just south of Canal. They do top-flight work on uprights, but I think they may also work on electrics (they also retail Epifani and Hendrikson cabs, which are fun to check out). And most important, their customer service is simply the best of any luthier I've been to - fair prices, and willing to work with you even after they've done the work, to make sure it's not just done, but exactly how you want it ...

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