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two 2x10s or one 4x10?


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I am not a fan of tens but if I were, I would opt for 2 cabs.

You never know when a small gig will present itself where the big box isn't necessary or practical.

Also, I sometimes play with a guitarist who likes to monitor me from his side of the stage. The guy loves bass! I put a cab and power amp over there for him.

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Two cabs are much more versitle and easier to transport. Like Matt said, you don't have to point them in the same direction. I would personally go with a 2x10 and a 1x15 or maybe a 2x12 instead of the 1x15.


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At one point I owned a 410 Eden XLT and two 210 XLT's. Remembering back I would say that the 410 did sound better than the two 210's together. I also remember when I only owned the 410 and had to carry it up a long set of stairs when Tony & Tina's wedding was in San Jose. Luckily that was the period when I was power lifting and could squat 365 lbs, deadlift the same and bench 315.



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I use two 2x10s -- Eden D210XST and D210XLT cabs.


The reasons: flexibility and mobility. Easier to lift, carry and load in and out the car than a 4x10, and I have the option of using one or both, depending on the gig.


I would guess that a 4x10 might sound slightly more authoritative than two 2x10s, but I doubt it would be noticeable in a normal-to-loud-volume band situation.


I also have an Eden D115XLT, but I haven't really been using it much since I got the second 2x10.

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Two 2x10's here as well. You can take one to smaller gigs and both when you really need to bring the volume. You can also use the second cab as a monitor if need be. My drummer loves when I bring both because I can rotate the bottom cabinet 90 degrees in his direction and he never has issues with hearing me, even at lower volumes.
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2 210s for me as well. I've got 2 acme b2s. The versatility can't be beat. As for sound? I can't really offer an objective opinion. My 410 ashdown abm has colored output and much higher sensitivity than my current setup (low sensitivity and flat output).


I'd also like to think that when i hit 45 yrs of age my back will thank me for switching to 2 210s.


It's more expensive, but i think that it is worth the investment.




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