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Guitar Restoration in Los Angeles


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Hello. I have an electric guitar that belonged to my father. It's a mid-late Ibanez Les Paul copy. My father worked in electronics and had built custom guitars and synths for a living so the one I have has had a lot of custom work done on it. Anyway...it's seen better days and I'd like to have it restored and wanted to know if anyone could recommend a reputable place in the LA/SFV area where I could have the work done.



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San Francisco Geoff Luttrell - GuitarWorks http://www.sfguitarworks.com/

San Francisco Ca. Gary Brawer http://brawer.com/\

Canoga Park, CA. Randy at Sam Ash

Santa Barbara, Ca - Jim Lombard

Agua Dulce, Ca - John Hawk

Duarte Ca. http://www.barkwoodguitars.com/guitar_repairs.htm


Hollywood / Los Angeles


7424 Sunset Blvd., Suite #1 (just upstairs from Mesa Boogie Hollywood at Sunset and Gardner)

Los Angeles, CA 90046

Phone: 323 850-7043


Los Angeles / Valley / Tarzana

The Amazing Nick at Norm's Rare Guitars http://normansrareguitars.com/home.php

18969 Ventura Bl.

Tarzana CA. 91356


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Thanks for the response. Do you have any personal experience with any of these people? If so is there anyone you would recommend over anyone else and why?


I don't want to pick someone at random out of the phone book or a google listing. I'm coming at this from the perspective of not knowing jack about guitars (it was willed to me when he passed away I'm not a guitar player). I don't really know what to look for in a guitar shop or what kind of questions to ask.

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This entry for California comes from a composite list of Forum recommended technicians, so Forum members only input names of people they have personally dealt with. We have recommended technicians in most of the U.S. and in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The California entries are recommended by members here that are very knowledgeable and are professional musicians. In your case, have you had a good guitar player evaluate the guitar for you, get their personal opinion as to what the guitar needs to be brought back up to good playing condition? Did your father have any fellow guitar players that might play it for you and give an opinion?
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He passed away 20+ years ago and sadly I've left it sitting in storage the whole time. So people he knew are long since gone and I don't know any guitar players. He used to build guitars for TW Doyle (former family friends) back in the 70s and I had considered contacting them but I haven't seen these people since I was a child and they probably have no idea who I am at this point.


As for the guitar itself from a glance it has cosmetic issues. Frets and nut are worn down. Cracked pick guard (this is a custom shape to accommodate internal electronics). Scratches, dents, dings. It had some custom electronics in it that were butchered by the first place I contacted about fixing it so now the pick-ups produce no sound. Tuners are loose and losing their finish. Stuff like that...



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Ok so we are talking about a re fret job, Truss rod adjustment, intonation adjustments,diagnose/trace the wiring looms, reground, inspect the pots, re fabricate a new pickguard to match the original one, pretty straight forward stuff really. Cosmetically I would think the same people could help you out there or recommend a re finisher for the body, if you are going to refinish I would think that might be done before the electronics where done, or whatever sequence they would recommend. We have people from the LA area on here they may jump in here and comment too.
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You might want to find out what a modified Ibanez Les Paul copy is worth before you sink a bunch of money into restoring it. Unless the sentimental value is so great that money is no object... But if your plan is to sell it, do some homework first.
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