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Gadget advice!


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Well, where to start?


I need some recommendations for the following:


Some type of MP3 device that can upload songs from I tunes, that'll play at half speed to figure out licks, and ideally would be pitch adjustable (like my old marantz tape deck) in case the recording is somewhat out of tune.


A stereo that can play at decent volume, (preferabley somewhat compact) to plug the MP3 device into to JAM along with! (When I turn up my amp, my CD's start skipping.)


My Marantz used to take care of both situations, but with a tape format. Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance,



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Just a thought, but why not use your computer? Windows Media Player has the ability to slow tracks down, without changing the key. There is also a program that I've heard mentioned around here several times called "The Amazing Slowdowner". Your computer has access to iTunes, can play MP3s at slower speeds and can play them back at a decent volume.


There are some devices you can buy that will do the same thing, but I'm not really familiar with them so I'll let one of the other guys recommend one of them.

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I agree with A String. It's safe to assume that you have a computer!


I've used Windows Media Player to slow down songs to jam with. I think you need Media Player v.9 or above. Go to View -> Enhancements -> click "Show Enhancements". A new window appears under the main Media Player window. You can scroll side to side to access the "Play Speed Settings" option. The only thing WMP doesn't do (that I wish it did) is have loop function. I like to loop a single riff to practice it.


I use a program called Guitar Rig 3 to do all of the above. It's an awesome practice tool, plus it has TONS of amp models, effects, and just about any tool available in the largest of rig setups (rackmount or on the floor).



I think Line 6's software that comes with the POD product line also has this capability, but I'm not positive.



Tascam makes an amp combo with a built in CD player for exactly this application as well.



...save the best for last! This is probably what you are looking for, also made by Tascam.



What a horrible night to have a curse.
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