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FLStudio - Create Realisitc Drum Tracks w/o Drum Machine


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I use it for click-tracks - and my band does complex prog metal pieces that require time sig and tempo changes, and FL hangs with every curveball I throw it.


It can be quick to do an entire song, but if you want to do a realistic drum track, it takes work - remember - no real drummer plays the beat exactly the same every measure, nor does he play the same fill more than once in a song.

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FL Studio is Ok. I just have this thing where, I hate programming drums... Really hate it. I am not particularly interested in setting all the beats up, hihats crash ride kick blah blah blah yaaawn.. etc.. :-)


I just want a drummer I can walk over to.. Say "Play something like rakkatakkadoom doom bamdabambaa" and then they do. :-) Well I can live and dream!

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