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Vox Valvtronix: Quick audition


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Had a chance to play through the 30 watt version yesterday. With a maple-fretboard Squier Tele (not my first choice for a guitar but what the hey).


All about Valvtronix


My brief impressions:


There is a notable difference between the 11 modeling modes. These are not subtle variations on a one-trick scheme. Leaving all knobs at a 50% value and switching through the modeling modes, there are real differences in the overdrive characteristics and eq response.


The different modeling modes have very different output levels. Again, leaving the controls at 50% and switching only the model, some modes were WAAAAAAAAAAAAY LOUDER than others. The modeled amps go in a sort of sequence from mild to wild, starting with tweedy type sounds, then the traditional Vox AC voicings, then onto stuff like modded British and American modes. From a reasonable listening level on the first few amp models, changing the mode to one the AC top boost resulted in a really loud microphonic feedback situation (I was sitting directly in front of the amp) even though the tone wasn't particularly overdriven. I had to jump on the Master output to get it under control.


On the cleaner models, the amp tone controls did virtually nothing. From a 50% setting, sweeping the low, mid, and high eq's through their range didn't produce any really noticeable changes in tone. The high was least effective, the low produced some effect, but not a lot. I don't know how this may have been related to the brittle-bright maple Tele, maybe a different guitar would have a signal more amenable to shaping. I didn't have the chance to compare the eq response between the tweedier sounds and the more aggressive amp models. Maybe the eq is more effective with the harder overdrive sounds.


Did I just save you a trip to GC? :D

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