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Basic/Beginner finger strengthening exercises


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As the title says, can someone point them out to me. I played extensively til several years ago. I want to go at the Bass gangbusters again, but get back into it progressively...and take all the basic lessons without skimping or jumping ahead. Are there decent exercises to strengthen my pinkie without busting tendons? also what do you guys recommend as far as internet lessons are concerned?



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Well, one thing I like to do as a warm up is: starting on any fret on the bottom string, use all four fingers to go up four frets. (ie say you start on the G - E string 3rd fret - you go G-G#-A-A#), then do the same thing on the next string until you run out of strings. And then come down the same way (ie C#-C-B-A#) up and down, over and over. It's a great little warm up exercise and uses all four fingers.
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I use a firm foam block to squeeze with each finger individually. I found that my small fingers were much weaker than the others. This excercise allowed me to play much cleaner, clearer notes with the small finger. Progressive scales using all fingers in rotation not only builds strength but also builds dexterity and control.


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nobadges, practise plenty but NEVER to the point where it hurts. As soon as you feel cramps, take 5 and stretch your finger muscles a bit.


I tend to always warm up with the same set of exercises from a book called "grooves for bass". Though not intended as warm-up material I've been playing that stuff for ages so I use it to get in the bass-zone :)


Internet lessons? Ask plenty questions here (but use the search function first, unless you like to get burned :grin:) is my only advice on that.

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Someone had this link a while back, and I bookmarked it. I never really looked at all the chapters (scroll down for the pull down menu), but it has alot of info in it.



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