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AMPEG and Steinberger questions


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Has anyone out there actually purchased and received an AMPEG SVT8PRO? The SVT8PRO has supposedly been out there for a couple a years now, but I can't seem to find one.

Does anyone know if the new Steinberger bridge will fit (without modifications) a 1992 XL2 four string?

I don't want to modify my 92.

Does anyone have or know of a source for jaw claws that fit the old bridge?

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Can't answer on the Ampeg, but for the Steinberger parts start here:




Sounds like something on the Steinberger bridge is broken? By "jaw claws", I assume you mean the mechanism that holds the saddles in place after you've adjusted the intonation? If the bridge is broken, you should be able to get a replacement...you could also email Steinberger directly too. Seems I recall seeing some bridges that were for headless basses but actually had intonation adjusting screws.





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