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I posted a old guitar and practice amp for sale on my local craigslist. Within 40 min I got a email.

He seems legit but I worry a bit. he is out of state, wants to pay with paypal and ship it to him using his fedex account OR to drive a couple hrs to hand over to a friend for shipping.

If it was a couple bucks I wouldnt sweat it.

I guess i'm just a bit paranoid. Paypal will take a sizeable chunk in fees (I could really use the cash, thus the sale). Plus the horror stories I've heard about paypal and items paid for using stolen credit-cards. Since I have no control over how he sends the funds to paypal, and if he uses a stolen credit-card, i'm royally screwed.


Just seems a bit odd that I recieved that inquery so fast after I posted. I have another posting on craigslist thats been up sice the 17th and no nibbles yet.


Any thoughts?

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Zombie: yea, if I wont ship then have to meet his friend somewhere. looks like the friend lives in the bay area as he mentioned Pleasanton, Fremont, Sunol.


Guess that would explain why he was looking at the Stockton craigslist


But I absolutely despise driving on that side of the Altamont.

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Why are you going to him??? Make him come to you. You're the controller here.


Craigslist seems to be full of people who pay with bad checks. They've even got warnings about it on a lot of pages.


First of all, if someone wants to buy something, they either pay for shipping or they come pick it up. You did not advertise "free delivery".


If he wants a friend to pick it up, the friend can drive somewhere near you, hand you cash and you can hand over the gear.


If he wants it shipped, you will wait until his check clears the bank before shipping anything.


You have his phone number, call him up and tell him that. If you are feeling paranoid (and you have reason to), call him from a payphone or phone card so he won't have your number.

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when i sell stuff on craigslist, i take cash or i take paypal. with paypal i won't meet or ship until i have verified payment in my account. when you have money in your account, it's yours, and you have no worries.


shipping with his fedex account number is about as easy as it gets. it's charged to him, he pays exact shipping, and you can arrange a pickup. i would have no qualms about this transaction.



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Nope, I wouldn't do it.


I may be too conservative, but these are my craigslist rules:

1. In cash.

2. In person.

3. My price is fair, and it's non-negotiable (I tell any interested buyer in my first email).


[i'll confess that before I got good at following these "rules," getz76 was the voice of reason in talking me out of some shifty, but seductive, offers ...]

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Thanks all.

I'm just a paranoid worrywart but I know they are after me so its all good.


I'll reply to his email that his friend has to pick it up (think i'll do the transaction at work so they wont know where I live) with cash on hand.

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