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Boss RC50 Gain Drop Problem: Thoughts?? Help??

Patrick Walsh

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I did a quick search and didn't find any info about the Boss RC50 on the forums so here goes:


Last night I played an outdoor festival here in Paris. Great sound setup, beautiful night etc. But there was a problem: the output from my Boss RC50 wasn't loud enough for the sound guy. When I listened to it via headphones directly into the RC50 it was fine, perfectly normal. But when it went through the DI boxes to the mixing board it was just barely at a whisper. We checked the DI boxes and they were fine, so the problem was with the pedal. Has anyone had this problem before? I couldn't even use it in the end... which sucked. The night turned out very well without it, but I'm worried about the next gig.


To elaborate: I've used it with a normal PA before and it worked just dandy... would the fact that the sound board was all the way the hell past the crowd make a difference, with a long cable length? Am I missing something obvious?


Anyone have any thoughts?


Thanks in advance,



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Well, wait a minute. You say "they tested each DI box with a mic"...


I'm missing something... A DI box converts (physically and electrically) an unbalanced 1/4" input to a balanced XLR output. A mic already has an XLR connection. It doesn't make sense to run a mic through a DI...


Unless... By "DI", do you mean the snake's box with multiple XLR inputs? If you plugged the RC50 straight into *that* using an adapter cable, yes you'd be very likely to have problems. Any time you want to go from a 1/4" guitar-level line to an XLR input you should use a DI (a.k.a. a direct box). Most sound guys will have a few on hand, but it's a good idea to carry your own just in case.


Here are some examples:




You don't have to spend a lot of money. One of the $30 passive units will work just fine in your application.

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