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2 basses to a gig?


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When I bought my 5, I thought it was great to have a back-up. It's been helpful when I decide to put something in the shop, but I haven't needed a second bass on a gig. I was leaving one in the trunk, though I stopped after a while.


And then I started bringing it again, and using two. Getz helped me switch at one gig so I could play the EB3 for "White Room" and some other vintage 60s tunes. I never broke a string at a gig.


I worry more about the fact that I bring only one amplifier :eek:




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I broke a string at a gig once. It sucked. I didn't have a back-up (only owned one bass at the time) and had just given my spare set of strings to a bass brutha in need ('cause I'm a giver, that's why).


The bass player from the other band on the bill hooked me up with his back-up bass at the next tune ('cause he was a giver, too), but I discovered very quickly that it was out of tune ('cause he thought he was funny man; now he's a funny man with one eye and a limp).


The whole experience sucked azz.


I used to bring two basses to gigs because I used fretless on some tunes and fretted on others.


I haven't gigged in a while. This should be changing soon. My intent is to bring one bass (assuming both fretted and fretless are unnecessary), and then get another LDLer to attend the gig with one of his/her basses as my back-up ('cause here on the LDL we're all about the luv).



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On my current gig I'm just bringing 1 bass to shows and practice. Ive knocked around the idea of bringing a second bass, but my Warwick just doesnt have that P-bass feel and it doesnt have the look that my current gig requires.


So this brings up the point that I dont really have a backup for what Im doing right now. I could go off and get a Squier like CMDNs or I could stick the used market and look for a Mexi-P. It seems there are always US P-basses on Craigslist lately, I could lowball one of those guys I guess. Or I could go all out and order a Lull. Just too many options I guess.


Im kinda happy with my current setup.


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Unless it's a multiband show where I know I can borrow a bass if in extreme need I try to take 2 basses (I don't always). I've had a couple of problems (broken nut, bad solder joint) that my toolkit & spares would not have been able to fix (fortunately not on gigs).


When I have multiples I'll swap them out on a per-set basis. It can be fun to have the different flavors (fretless, flats, rounds) to swap between. Once I get a BEAD bass set up that will be another variation for me. My bandmates can hardly tell the difference between basses so I know the audience can't tell anything about them other than how they look, so it's all for my own pleasure (which is why I'm there anyway).

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I'm kinda happy with my current setup.


Stick around here and we can convince you otherwise.


Your Bergantinos, Acmes, Lull, Rob Allen, etc, etc have no effect on me.

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Last week I show up in Florida for a 2 week gig with just my upright (as instructed). I walk on the stage for the first rehearsal, the first statement out of the MDs's mouth was "did you bring your electric?". So I called home and had the wife FedX my MTD to me - at company expense.


The bass arrived the next day and it was just fine, but I'll never leave the house with one bass again.

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