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Any BIT alumni around


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I have been reading this forum for a while and I haven't seen anything about BIT. (Bsss Instutite of Technology) I'm sure some of you guys have some good stories about that place. I went around 1983.

I was in a band in Eureka, California, playing three and four cord songs. I came into a little money (sold my 40 acres) and decided to really find out about this thing called music (and bass). For those who don't know, BIT is, or was, in downtown Hollywood. I believe it has moved since I was there.

I lived in an apartment in Korea Town in L.A., 3rd and something. Lots of non english speaking folks who liked to eat fish!

I had some great teachers, a guy named Jimbo... (I think that was his name) He was one of the staff. Great g. and bass player. I remember he played the bass line to Miles Davis' song "All Blues" (6/8), I thought that was so cool... Man if I could play that line ..... Play it all the time now...

Anyone else out there have any stories about that place?

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Yes, I remember both of those guys, both of them were very frendly, nice people. Of course Frank was in a league by himself. I was just brand new into music then and it was pretty impressive to listen to some of those guys. I see Bob Magausson (one of the teachers) around San Diego quite often, plays with a guy named Peter Sprague. My wife used Peter to Produce her CD and at the time Peter was playing with another BIT guy, Kevin Hennesey. I think he went to the school with his brother, Patrick. I believe he's now in Branson, Missouri.
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I don't remember exactly my theory level, but I would have to guess it was pretty low. I played mostly g. as a single in a few restruants, knowing a few cords before, as most people do, I ran into a couple of guys who played much better than I. So 4 strings looked a little more appealing. I was also content to let the front man be the front man.

As a bass player I was rejected by an aduitioning band called "The Dogs". (rather embarrassing) I did eventually play bass with some rather good musicians, mostly originals, at a local bar and college radio gig.

When I left BIT I had a very clear and precise knowledge of music theory. Not that I could execute all that was asked. I did not know (through my fingers) how to apply all of this knowledge but I was certainly a lot closer to understanding it. I understood my role as a bass player in regards to the band dynamic. I could read charts, play with much better musicians and play standards. All which helped me continue on my musicial journey so to speak. A good stop along the way.

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