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Bass modification question


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Hey guys,

So I've been reading about a modification that some Warwick owners are doing and that's moving the placement of the strap button. Unlike Spectors, Warwick places the strap button dead center of the bass body. My question is which I can't seem to find an answer to is "How does one figure out where the strap button needs to be placed?"


I used the Search feature here, but I didn't get any results, unless I'm not typing in the right key word. So do any of you have experience with this or can you point in the right direction?


Thanks for your time.


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Well, older Warwicks have the bridge-side strap button in the same spot as Spectors. When I went to modify my Thumb NT, I grabbed my older Streamer Pro-M and marked the spot.


I would venture it is about 30-degrees off of the strings. The old strap-button hole is filled with a dowel.


Makes handling the bass infinitely better. What model do you have?

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Definitely post up those pics getz. I might get around to moving the strap button on my Streamer one of these days.


UTS-D... If you aren't already using straplocks, now is a good time. I'm partial to the Dunlops and when you install the new strap button you can even do the flush mounts which are pretty snazzy.

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I will attempt to motivate and make the photographs happen.


I actually installed flushmount Dunlops in my Thumb to match the flushmount Dunlops on my Streamer.


The only problem with flushmount straplocks is that you are screwed if you forget your strap... unless you bring an extra pair of "strap end" parts like I do. :)

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