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myGPTV.com Is Coming Soon!!!

Editor Boy

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Hi gang!


Last year, GP worked very hard to explore new ways to educate and excite the guitar-playing populace. We invited readers to critique our product reviews in GPs online forum, expanded our coverage of unsigned artists by embracing the MySpace Music community, and debuted GPTV (guitarplayertv.com).


Now, were taking another step into that modern synergy of magazine content and public interaction by launching myGPTV.com.


The easy pitch is describing the new site as YouTube for guitarists, because you get to program the content. Except for reserving the right to delete inappropriate or illegal content, the GP editors hold no power over myGPTV.com. You can upload whatever you want. Debut your bands latest video, teach a guitar lesson, film yourself shredding like a demon, start a Best Guitar Face contest, or share anything else your imagination can manifest in a digital audio-video file.


The hook for myGPTV.com is that its a for guitarists by guitarists site where content of specific interest to guitar players resides. This doesnt mean everything on myGPTV.com has to be a guitar lessonwe certainly encourage the fun factorbut we do want the site to be a place for GP readers, guitarists of all stripes, and guitar-curious non-players to hang out and share guitar- and music-oriented goodies.


To start airing your video content, simply log on to mygptv.com, and follow the instructions. You should be broadcasting your very own show in no time, as well as helping GP build a spunky commune of talented video stars. Im really looking forward to seeing what you cats are going to do. Make us proudor, at least, make us laugh!


All the Best,


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I have a couple uploading right now!


...I only wish I knew more about making a better quality video. I have a couple that I made in boredom, just threw on a guitar and jammed out to a cd. If I had my shit together I could do a couple takes to get the guitar playing perfect. I also need to optimize my picture and sound quality. Right now my technology includes a digicam and a stack of books for a stand! The digicam mic is suprisingly good, but I need to get the backing music to a level that I can hear enough to jam with and that doesn't overpower my guitar sound once recorded.


...on we plough.

What a horrible night to have a curse.
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