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story time


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well our band has been on an extended break.

one guy has been abducted by aliens, one lost at the mall, one doing stunt work in a big budget porn movie, one quit and i have been trapped here on the forum.

we haven't played together as a unit since last summer. we have been picking away at a CD.

anyhoo we finally got all together for a practice.

we have buried our drummer in a cubicle, yes a cubicle. think office. this has allowed us to play at a lower volume. what a difference!

my amp was only on 2 and my ears are not ringing. the sound was so clear.

it was also the first time i have used my pacifica since i had taken it apart for painting.

(i never did finish painting it, but i reassembled it anyway).

it sounded great.

but i need fretwork so bad.

i was kind of jazzed today because of how well the sound blended at the lower volume and how the PAC 712 sounded.

yeah , i am kind of happy.

had a real good day. :D

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yes Lee,it made so much difference taming the drums.

i could actually hear vocals! and there was no weird phase or frequency stuff happening between our guitars.

i had no desire to pump anymore volume with my amp because for the first time i could hear it and feel it.

it was nice to hear everything.

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Yeah I know! you know I don't know if your guys are using IEM's but it's like that live now... especially when you feed both vocal and instrumental mix through them, some guys say they sence some tiny off phase feeling between their instruments but we haven't experienced any of that. I mean compared to the old wedges and hot spots its amazing..and you know on the vocals especially with the multi part harmonies, you hear your self instantly off pitch and correct it instantly ..what a treat to use them!
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:thu: Excellent, I know where you're comming from trying to tame those drums. My old band used to practice in a tiny room and could barely hear myself play over the drums. And the music blends much better at lower, painless volumes...It seems like you can focus on the individual parts better and everything sounds more clear.




"I know we all can't stay here forever so I want to write my words on the face of today...and they'll paint it"


-Shannon Hoon (Blind Melon)

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definatley. at louder volumes it sounds like mush.

our drummer isn't a caveman either. even though he is very able he is full of dynamics. but room size can really cause problems with clarity.

or other guitar player managed to pick up some panels from an office sale and it looks funny seeing the drummer in his cubicle.

i leaned over to ask if i could borrow his stapler ;)

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