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Hey 'Zan... We're getting close!


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Originally posted by fantasticsound:

Enquiring minds want to know! :confused:

Hearsay, but what I heard is that some of the pond scum at the _._. guitar forum (you fill in the blanks) finally ticked him off.


He's always welcome back here! Jims a great guy. :thu:

Lynn G
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7001, 'Zan! I missed it! :eek:


I guess I have two more to go, after this one of course. ;)


Thanks Geez. As a matter of fact, i think I recall seeing a post or two of sniping at Jim at HC, but I mostly keep to the SSS, Live Sound and infrequently, the acoustic guitar forums there.

It's easiest to find me on Facebook. Neil Bergman




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Originally posted by scatterbrain:

whats with all the hush hush,


whos jim,were was he and who ticked him off?



They're talking about Jim Soloway. He's a guitar maker and used to frequent this forum. I think those of us that "know" him also miss him.

Born on the Bayou


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Originally posted by Guitar Geezer:

Originally posted by scatterbrain:

so were did he go,i mean why did he go something must have pissed him off to make him leave.

I don't really remember, perhaps it was the UberTroll "Mr Nice Jazz Guitar Guy" :rolleyes:
Oh great! Say his name two more times and he'll be back. That's a pickle I don't want to be in...
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