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How do you handle it?


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Isn't anticipation half the fun :) What axe are you waiting for?

Jason Sadites


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well, whatever u do ! DONT go on internet and read about it what ur waiting for or look at pics or anything it just makes u want it more and more, trust me, thats what i do =D
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I've never had to wait for a guitar to arrive. I arrive at the store, buy the guitar and take it home. ;)


I won't buy instruments online. They're simply too personal for me to risk buying online.


The one time I did buy an instrument on order, it was an inexpensive, stock Blueridge that I bought through a highly skilled luthier who made clear it would play like butta before he was done with it. He didn't lie. Since I had been without a decnet guitar for some time, the waiting from there was easy. ;)

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Never had the nerve to buy online. Now, I'm not afriad of the transaction, but the fact that every dang guitar just "feels" a little different.


Could be the wood density or type of finish (# of coats of laquer) or the temperature and humidity the day it was sprayed. Could be this neck radius is off a tad from the one before. Fret size and finish may differ. Hell, even the metal parts can have different characteristics :)

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My digital camera is busted. My father-in-law is bringing his out this weekend so I promise I'll show my entire collection (all two guitars).


It's got a real sweet tone. If you're ever in the market for yet another Strat, I highly recommend you check out a hard tail.

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