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I just bought a mgazine off the newstand, and i can't figure out where to go to choose my free song, i used to subscribe, but i stopped shortly after they started doing this and now i've forgotten what to do. The magazine doesn't say anything about it except the cover. ANY HELP OUT THERE?
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I think you can only get the free song if you are a subscriber, there's a code printed on the mailing sheet that comes with the mag in the mail that you have to enter. There used to be a page in the mag that gave the URL and showed where the code was, maybe that's only printed in the subscription issues?



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I looked thru the John Mayer issue and the details are on p129. But, as Jim posted above, i think you need to be a subscriber to get the "unique" code to get you in.


I just realized that the newstand price for GP is $6.50. Wow!!! You figure that a newstand purchaser should be entitled to all 15 song downloads at that price.

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