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suggestions please


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i am looking for something to get some guitar tones, so i can record on my pc.

it doesn't have to be a do all thing.

i just want some decent tones for tracking.

ease of use is very welcome.

i am not looking for a GT6 or 8.

i have messed with my friends GT6 enough to know i dislike it.

i am not looking for 1000 effects, just good solid guitar tones.

i want a separate unit, i don't want to go the software, plug in route.

something that can be used for tracking and practice.

i know Digitech offers a few with a drum machine.

any suggestions guys.

try to keep it reasonable in regards to pricing.


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I use the Digitech RP300A for recording--it works good.


It costs about $199. The signal is digital and sounds good through headphones and on the PC.


Doesn't sound too good through my Line 6 amp though. But it does work good for recording.


Some of the higher-end Digitech modeling pedals even have a built in multitrack recorder and/or a usb audio interface.


I can recommend digitech.

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I'm not certain what you're looking for but I'm dumb enough to comment....


I've got a Edirol FA-101

I can run my rig direct from my TSL-122 via the direct out into the XLR inputs or mic the amp or both. If I want to avoid the amp I just plug in the stomp-box-mess directly and run to my laptop.

There are XLR phantom powered inputs and 8 TRS inputs and outputs.


This basically permits me to do anything with everything I own. It also lets me take any old pile of crap board and make it think like new.


I got it for $350 so while that's more than lots of other shit out there.... there's little else that will offer what this does while remaining perfectly current given there are no gimicks offered. No Learn-a-lick or practice track stuff like that.


It's your shit. YOu shouldn't have to abandon your methods to get it into a computer. This is just the best way to get it there regardless of what it smells like.

I still think guitars are like shoes, but louder.


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The digitech drum patterns I've heard are basic drum patterns. Well suited for practice. Only the tempo can be altered. I wouldn't user them for recording though. I prefer programming my own drum beats with MIDI.


You know, the Alesis SR-16 is a nice affordable drum machine with realistic drum patterns already programmed.




Look into the Yamaha DD55 electronic drum module .


It sounds pretty realistic. It's Stereo and Midi compatible/programable. It has seven assignable pads and foot swithes for the highhat and kick.

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