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  1. Waves Announces a New Version of the eMotion LV1 Live Mixer, Featuring MixMirror, a New Remote Control App for Full Tablet Control of LV1 & SuperRack. Knoxville, TN, January 22, 2024 — Waves Audio, the world’s leading developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and plugins, announces a new version of the eMotion LV1 Live Mixer. Updates include compatibility with the new MixMirror app, offering full iOS tablet remote control for the Waves eMotion LV1 Live Mixer and Waves SuperRack. In addition to MixMirror control, Waves’ new update for the eMotion LV1 Live Mixerincorporates several other new features: extended gain mapping options for Waves’ FIT Controller for eMotion LV1 and Waves MyFOH apps; a new mix bus input fader mode; updated menus for improved touch usability and various bug fixes across all applications. With Waves’ MixMirror (iPad and Windows only), FOH engineers can now control plugins from any location within a venue. MixMirror is a zero-hassle remote application that efficiently mirrors and optimizes your mixer window from either the eMotion LV1 or SuperRack(compatible with both SoundGrid and Performer) onto your tablet device. The application has been tailored for the most practical and functional mixing experience possible. You can now walk around the venue with full console and plugin functionality – allowing adjustment of EQ moves as you tune the speakers, solve room issues remotely, and tweak FX levels from anywhere in the room. Waves MixMirror features: Control eMotion LV1 Mixer & SuperRack from anywhere in the venue Remote control for all plugins in your live mix Zero setup hassle – simply plug and play Compatible with iPad tablet devices Solve room & feedback problems remotely Make faster & more confident mixing decisions Adjust setup and configuration seamlessly The Waves eMotion LV1 Live Mixer is the pinnacle of the modern-day mixer, bringing pristine sound quality to any show, venue, broadcast room or streaming event. The LV1 boasts up to 64 stereo channels of unmatched audio quality, with full plugin integration and complete customizability for any workflow. Powerful and scalable, LV1 can share up to 16 I/O devices and connect to multiple DSP servers for unlimited mixing power—all with flexible control, both tactile (up to 32+2 faders) and touch-based. The LV1 Live Mixer gives you the luxury of mixing live with the massive Waves plugin catalog, offering unparalleled integration with the same award-winning tools powering GRAMMY®-winning studio recordings. To download the free Waves MixMirror, go to Apple App store.
  2. New Immersive Audio Interface & Monitor Controller from Audient Hampshire, UK 18 Jan 2024 - Audient introduces ORIA, an all in one audio interface and monitor controller designed specifically for multi-speaker arrays ranging from stereo to 9.1.6 setups - and everything in between. “As immersive audio continues to become more prevalent across music, film, TV, game and VR production, our goal was to design a purpose-driven and affordable solution for those wanting to work in the immersive space,” says Audient’s Andrew Allen. “ORIA is designed to prioritise immersive audio workflows, giving you onboard room and speaker calibration DSP, true immersive monitoring control and professional audio performance, alongside intelligent integrations with Sonarworks and Dolby Atmos.” ORIA provides 16 outputs via TRS or AES, two dedicated relayed switched stereo outputs, two independent headphone outputs, BNC Word Clock in and out, as well as two Audient Console Mic Preamps, 16 ADAT inputs and an optional 16 input AoIP Dante card, which is ideal for large studio complexes and education facilities. Designed with a dual purpose, ORIA is not only a powerful USB-C audio interface with 16 outputs, but it can also integrate into your existing studio setup as a standalone monitor controller via its ADAT Inputs or the Optional Dante Card. Working with multi-channel speaker arrays requires a perfectly calibrated room and ORIA’s Advanced Speaker Processing lets users create up to 32 custom onboard calibration Profiles (presets) for any monitoring format, by utilising per channel 8-band EQ, Speaker Delay, Trim and Bass Management tools. Ensuring users’ rooms stay calibrated when monitoring different formats such as stereo, 5.1 or Dolby Atmos Audient has also partnered with calibration experts Sonarworks to enable users to load SoundID Reference profiles directly into ORIA’s hardware giving users the ability to measure and calibrate their room in under an hour. Sonarworks’ co-founder & CPO, Martins Popelis says, "Creators know: inaccurate speakers distort their creative vision. Calibrating studio speakers is crucial, but it’s often a technical hurdle. That’s why we are thrilled to partner with Audient on the SoundID Referenceintegration into ORIA interfaces through which we are taking the ease and simplicity of your studio speaker calibration to the next level." ORIA ships with a Sonarworks Reference Measurement microphone and a 60-Day free trial of the SoundID Reference for Multichannel software - both included in the box. If users would like to continue after the free trial, they can purchase a full SoundID Reference for Multichannel licence separately and continue to run Sonarworks Profiles via ORIA’s hardware. “Whether you’re calibrating your room manually or with Sonarworks, all of ORIA’s Advanced Speaker Processing runs directly off its lightning fast onboard DSP Dual Processor Architecture. That way you’ve got low latency audio and your CPU is freed up for bigger sessions,” says Andrew. Once the room is calibrated, ORIA ensures users get full control of their stereo, surround or Dolby Atmos environment, courtesy of its intuitive software and iPad Remote. “Quickly switch between speakers, listening levels and target curves - all with the touch of a button. Use the colour coded speaker groups, individual and group speaker mute/solo and global Volume Control, Cut and Dim to fly around a session. And for those of you working in post, there is also a Global Lip Sync delay for perfectly aligning your audio to picture.” Coming soon, Audient will also integrate support for the Dolby Atmos Renderer, enabling the user to take control of the renderer’s monitoring layout dropdown directly from ORIA’s user interface. Ideal for quickly switching between different monitoring layouts, such as Dolby Atmos, 7.1, 5.1 and stereo without having to jump between your project and the Dolby Atmos Renderer. Designed for professional, multi-channel setups there are many I/O options. Surround speakers can be plugged in using either the line or AES outputs; the dedicated Stereo Outputs are perfect for connecting non-immersive integrated speakers and two ADAT inputs gives the user an option to add an external interface or preamp. “We have ensured that ORIA delivers the audio performance you have come to expect from Audient.” The high performance converters have 126dB of dynamic range and the tried and tested Audient Console Mic Preamps continue to to deliver 58dB of gain and work as mic, line or Hi-Z instrument inputs. Andrew adds, “For the first time ever, the Audient Console Mic Preamp is remote controlled. Optimised to give you the sonic benefits of its all analogue design alongside pinpoint accurate digital control.” ORIA is expected to start shipping in the first quarter of 2024 and the iPad Control App will be available later on this quarter too. ORIA will retail at UK £2520 inc VAT; Euro €2885 and US $2625 MAP. The optional Dante Card is priced at UK £600; Euro €685 and US $625 MAP FEATURES Hardware: Supports up to 9.1.6 Speaker Setups 2 x 16 Channel Surround Outputs (Analogue & AES) 2 x Stereo Line Outputs (Relay Switched) 2 x Independent Stereo Headphone Outputs 2 x Audient Mic Preamps (Mic / D.I / Line) 2 x ADAT Inputs Word Clock Input Word Clock Output ORIA Motion UI 24 bit / 96kHz USB 2.0 / USB Type-C SoundID Reference Measurement Microphone Included Optional AoIP Card (Dante) for 16 Input channels Software: ORIA Software Onboard Room Calibration DSP Per Output EQ Per Output Delay Per Output Trim Per Output Crossover (Bass Management) Profile Switching - Sonarworks Integrated Configurable Global Bypass Immersive Monitoring Control Input / Output Switching Master Volume Control Global Delay (lip sync) Individual Speaker Solo & Mute Speaker Group Solo & Mute Per Channel Metering (pre & post) Down Mix Cycling - Dolby Atmos Renderer Integrated Programmable Function Button iPad Control App Visit us at NAMM 2024: 7003 Hall C
  3. New Mac/PC condenser microphone and stereo audio interface lets podcasters and musicians easily combine voice and audio for streaming and recording. January 16, 2024 - IK Multimedia releases iRig Stream Mic USB, a more accessible version of the best-selling iRig Stream Mic Pro combination condenser microphone and stereo audio interface. This new streamlined microphone offers Mac, PC, iPad and iPhone 15 users a single, ultra-compact and refined solution for music and content creation and streaming. iRig StreamMic USB makes it easier than ever for users to share their voice and music. Cardioid Condenser Microphone iRig Stream Mic's unidirectional, cardioid pattern is ideal for focusing in on the speaker or singer and rejecting any background noise, while its gold-sputtered, ½" capsule delivers a crisp and detailed audio signal with easily adjustable gain and selectable high-pass filter to eliminate rumble and noise. Integrated Audio Interface Media players, keyboards, mixers, turntables, soundboards and more can be connected via a high-grade stereo 3.5 mm audio input right on the mic. With its monitoring mix control, users can blend the direct or recorded audio via the headphone output, keeping their entire setup in one elegant, compact solution that travels well and fits on any desktop. Add Backing Tracks and Music In addition to what's captured by the mic and stereo line in, iRig Stream Mic USB offers Loopback which allows audio from a Mac/PC to be mixed into any recording or stream. Whether it's backing tracks, sound effects or a theme song, it's easy to add more audio content before sending streams to apps like Instagram or TikTok. Serious Sound Quality iRig Stream Mic USB delivers serious sound throughout. A headphone output with direct monitoring lets users check levels with any app, even before hitting record, and 16-bit, 48 kHz converters ensure broadcast-ready sound for both the mic and stereo aux input. Volume Management Bright LED level indicators make it easy to keep tabs on gain levels without being tied down by headphones. Further, each input has its own volume control to make quick and easy adjustments, even live on camera. True Stereo Sound iRig Stream Mic USB operates in stereo and pre-mixes multiple sources of audio - line stereo inputs (+ Loopback) and mic capsule - down to a stereo track, ready to send to popular streaming apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, etc. Staying Connected iRig Stream Mic USB is powered by its host and connects to any Mac/PC right out of the box with the included USB-C to USB-C cable. No matter the situation, iRig Stream Mic USB is the streamlined solution of choice to share content and music with the world. Just one mic connects it all. Software and Apps In-the-box iRig Stream Mic USB works with any application that records or streams audio or video including on iPad with a USB-C adapter. To get started, it includes iRig Recorder 3 LE (iPhone/iPad/Android), an easy-to-use, high-quality audio and video recording app; as well as MIXBOX CS (iPad) and MIXBOX SE (Mac/PC), a powerful suite of FX including dynamics, EQ, reverb and more to help shape professional quality audio. Pricing and Availability iRig Stream Mic USB is shipping now and available from the IK Multimedia online store and from IK authorized dealers worldwide. The iRig Stream Mic family now includes both: iRig Stream Mic USB $/€99.99- Includes iRig Stream Mic USB, table stand and USB-C cable for Mac, PC, iPad and iPhone 15. iRig Stream Mic Pro $/€169.99* - Includes iRig Stream Mic Pro, table stand, Lightning and USB-C cables for Mac, PC, iPad and all iPhones.
  4. Introducing Mackie MobileMix: Great Sound, Anywhere. USB-Powerable Mixer for A/V Production, Live Sound, and Streaming. Bothell, WA - January 16, 2024 - Mackie, a legendary leader in high-quality, affordable, professional audio technologies, introduces MobileMix, a fully featured small audio mixer that brings legendary Mackie sound to DSLR cameras, PA systems and smartphone streaming setups. From on-the-go live sound, to live streaming with your phone, to video production, MobileMixdelivers professional audio quality in an analog mixer you can use anywhere. The ultimate in portability, MobileMix can even be powered via a USB battery (sold separately) that fits in a dedicated slot underneath, or another USB power source. Don’t let the miniature size fool you. This feisty mini mixer can handle up to eight channels of stellar quality audio, including microphones, instruments, and even Bluetooth® audio. You get two of Mackie’s legendary low-noise mic preamp channels with combo XLR and 1/4-inch connectors, Hi-Z impedance switches for electric guitars, low-cut filters, and 48V phantom power for condenser mics. Connect stereo sources with ¼-inch line and 3.5 mm aux inputs. Use the bi-directional Bluetooth® audio to bring in phone calls, with Mix Minus to monitor and record your callers without echo. Apply onboard EQ and reverb for a complete mix on the go. Dual mix outputs take the versatility to the next level, letting you send your mix to two places simultaneously. Use MobileMix to run live sound to your speakers while recording to an audio interface or tablet (mounted in the dedicated tablet slot). Stream to two devices at once. Play music from one device while recording to another. You can even connect some extra sets of headphones — the possibilities are endless, especially when you consider that you can toss MobileMix in your backpack and Finally: a real, professional mixer you don’t have to plug in. Just connect a USB battery pack, stash it in the storage compartment, and you can track and stream for hours, far away from an outlet, with the audio quality and reliability that put Mackie on the map. MobileMix will be available beginning January 2024 on Mackie.com and at participating retailers, with a MAP of $229.99.
  5. The authentic recreation of the legendary Fairchild 660 and 670 vacuum tube compressors make their debut at NAMM 2024. Fairchild 660 (clockwise from top left) Front Panel, Rack Panel removed, Control Panel removed, Back of Unit. Photos by Nick Sonsini South Windsor, CT, January 2024 – Toni Fishman, founder and CEO of microphone designer/manufacturer TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik has launched Fairchild Recording Equipment LLC after five years of extensive R&D and precision testing. In the mid 1950s, Sherman Fairchild licensed a design for the first intelligent limiting amplifier: the Fairchild 660. Out of production for nearly six decades, Fairchild limiter/compressors have become exceedingly rare and costly to maintain, and the original units are unaffordable for most. In 2020, Toni Fishman began working with a builder in Estonia, and was able to faithfully revive Fairchild Recording Equipment and begin manufacturing once again its limiter/compressors. The FAIRCHILD model 660 is a single-channel compressor/limiter that has been used on many classic recordings throughout history. The defacto standard for level control, the 660 is considered one of the most sought-after compressor/limiters ever made. Its ability to inject warmth and coloration to any signal makes it suitable for producers and audio engineers for initial recordings, mixing, or mastering. Due to the universal popularity of the 670, only 1000 Fairchild 660s were ever built and very few of the original 660s are still in working condition. Designed and built by Rein Narma and recording legend Les Paul, the FAIRCHILD 660 is available again. The new 660 is built to original specifications, utilizing the same tubes and custom wound transformers, point to point soldering and Turret style construction. One of the first users of the 660 was Capitol Records in their famed Hollywood recording studios. This led to an historic meeting between Abbey Road Studios engineer Peter Brown and the FAIRCHILD 660. After hearing the 660, he decided to purchase multiple units for use in Abbey Road Studios, making the Fairchild 660 one of the only pieces of gear that was not designed and built by EMI. Those original 660s are some of the only ones still operational and are still used regularly on sessions in the UK. While the basic design points of the 660 and 670 units are the same, the Model 660 is a single channel FAIRCHILD Limiter/Compressor with an extra 8dB of gain. It also utilizes 12 tubes and single channel controls instead of 20 tubes and dual mono controls. See and hear the new Fairchild 660 and 670 compressor/limiters at NAMM Booth # 14104
  6. The Bob Moog Foundation is excited to announce that it will feature its The Story of Moraz: The Life of a Music Genius exhibit at the 2024 National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) convention, taking place from January 25th-28th at the Anaheim Convention Center. Asheville, NC - January 9, 2024 - In addition to the exhibit, Patrick Moraz will be present in the Foundation’s booth, number 10707, from 1-3 pm each day. Moraz will also be interviewed by Michelle Moog-Koussa, Executive Director of the Bob Moog Foundation, during a TEC Tracks session on Friday, January 26th at 4 pm. The Story of Moraz: The Life of a Music Genius explores over 70 years of Moraz’s musical journey. The exhibit features photos from Moraz’s personal collection coupled with an extensive personal narrative, as well as his 1974 minimoog used on Yes’ Relayer album and his 2004 Moog Voyager synthesizer, which he purchased directly from Bob Moog. Both synthesizers are on loan to the exhibit from synthesizer collector Lee Keeley. Patrick Moraz is a virtuoso keyboardist renowned for his Prodigious career with Mainhorse, Refugee, Yes, The Moody Blues, and Moraz-Bruford, as well as for scoring 37 films, releasing a multitude of solo albums, and working with Bob Moog in the mid-1970s on the Polymoog and Micromoog synthesizers. In 1976, Keyboard magazine awarded his solo album I (aka The Story of I) Best Keyboard Album of the Year. In 2019, he performed at Moogmentum, the grand opening celebration of the Moogseum. “The Bob Moog Foundation is honored to be highlighting Patrick’s immense talents and his long, storied career through The Story of Moraz exhibit at NAMM,” noted Michelle Moog-Koussa. “His life and work are a rich tapestry of prodigiousness, creativity, and collaboration. He is beloved by fans the world over, and he shared a very special working relationship and friendship with Bob Moog. We are proud to be bringing this history to the fore for NAMM’s 100,000 attendees. We are extraordinarily fortunate to have Patrick in the booth with us each day.” The TEC Tracks session will explore Moraz’s performance from “Future Memories Live on TV,” as well as his decades-long career and his collaborations and long friendship with Bob Moog. Questions from the audience will follow. The session will be held in room 204B of the convention center and will be live-streamed from the NAMM+ app
  7. January 9, 2024 - At this year’s NAMM Convention, held January 25-28 at the Anaheim Convention Center, the MIDI Association will present four full days of activity focused on the new MIDI 2.0 standard. From 10:30 AM to 6 PM every day at Booth 10302 at the front of Hall A, The MIDI Association will offer sessions for MIDI users and MIDI developers, as well as sessions focused on our four core initiatives: the MIDI Innovation Awards, the IASIG (Interactive Game Audio), MIDI In Music Education, and the Music Accessibility Standard. There is a lot going on in the world of MIDI these days. Companies including Apple, Korg, Native Instruments, Roland, and Synthogy (Ivory) have released MIDI 2.0 products into the market. The new Open Source Windows Driver (funded by AMEI, the Japanese MIDI organization) and the new Open Source Microsoft APIs are in the hands of MIDI 2.0 developers. The MIDI Association will pass five new Profiles specifications and will also launch a brand new website just days before the Winter NAMM show. The MIDI Association booth is larger than in years past and divided into displays of MIDI 2.0 products, a MIDI Showcase stage for presentations/performances, and an area focused on our MIDI In Music Education, Music Accessibility Standard, and Interactive Audio Special Interest Groups. More than 75% of the booth is dedicated to a 50-seat audience space, with each seat equipped with a set of wireless headphones to enable guests to comfortably watch and listen to The MIDI Association’s presentations and performances. At the end of each day, there will be performances by some of the artists featured in our MIDI@40 celebration at the April 2023 NAMM show, including DeLaurentis, Ellis Hall, Jordan Rudess and Cory Pesaturo. “We greatly value our continued partnership with the MIDI Association and are beyond thrilled with the abundance of MIDI 2.0 programming at The NAMM Show this month,” said John Mlynczak, NAMM president and CEO. “Each year at The NAMM Show we see continued innovation from our members using MIDI-supported technology to launch the next generation of products for our industry.” Please check out the full schedule of events and come see us at Booth 10302 at the front of Hall A at Winter NAMM 2024.
  8. Gibson Amplifiers Return With the Falcon 5, and Falcon 20. Compact, Low-Wattage Tube Amplifiers Reimagine Vintage Tone for the Modern Player. NASHVILLE, TN (January 16, 2024) After a long hiatus, Gibson is proud to be back in the guitar amplifier business. Inspired by vintage Gibson amplifiers and reimagined for today’s players, the Falcon 5 and Falcon 20 are handcrafted in Petaluma, California. Focusing on great sound, simplicity, and ease of use, the new Falcon models pay homage to the 1960s Falcons, the very first guitar amplifiers available with reverb, while continuing Gibson’s long legacy of groundbreaking amplifier innovation that dates back to the 1930s. They offer the versatility demanded on modern stages and home studios with exceptional build quality, quiet operation, and voicings that will captivate and delight players. The Gibson FalconAmplifiers are available now in North America at authorized Gibson dealers and on www.gibson.com, with the rest of the world launching in April 2024. The compact Falcon 5 and Falcon 20 combos hark back to the Gibson amplifiers from the late 1950s and early 1960s that inspired them, but beneath their vintage-style Cream Bronco vinyl and Oxblood grille cloths are all-new circuits developed by Gibson Master Pioneer Randall Smith founder of MESA/Boogie®, and the Gibson Amps Design Team in Petaluma. The small, but raucous Falcon 5 delivers around seven watts of single-ended, pure Class A power from a single 6V6 power tube, switchable down to around three watts. Alongside volume and tone controls with a wider, more usable range, there’s a level control for the Falcon 5’s lush onboard all-tube spring reverb, while a 10-inch Jensen® Blackbird 40 Alnico speaker helps deliver the Falcon 5’s touch-sensitive, harmonically rich tube tones. The Falcon 20 expands both the power and the feature set. The dual 6V6 power stage utilizes patented Multi-Watt™ technology to deliver 12, five, or bedroom-friendly one-watt Class A power modes, and the hypnotic throb of all-tube tremolo joins spring reverb in the onboard effects section, switchable remotely via the supplied two-button footswitch. A 12-inch Jensen Blackbird 40 Alnico speaker offers greater spread and projection, along with enhanced bass response. Both Falcon circuits have been designed with the option to substitute the supplied 6V6 power tubes with optional 6L6 tubes, further adding to their flexibility, headroom, and punch. With their elegant cosmetics and boutique build quality, the Falcon 5 and Falcon 20 are the ultimate companions for Gibson’s finest stringed instruments. “Over the last two years, I’ve witnessed the Gibson team working together to design and develop the new Gibson amplifiers and I couldn’t be prouder and more excited about what they have accomplished,” says Cesar Gueikian, President, and CEO of Gibson Brands. “It started with Randy Smith researching the Gibson sound, exploring the sound of many original Gibson amplifiers to design a new and improved circuit board that he passed on to the Lab team. John Marshall, Tommy Waugh, Jim Aschow, Doug West, Steve Mueller, Mat Koehler, and Craig Hockenberry all came together to create the amplifier and brought the new Gibson Falcon to the finish line. Upon playing the final prototype I immediately called Randy and told him, this is the Gibson sound, only better!” “This is such a proud day for all of us at Gibson,” adds Mat Koehler, Vice President of Product, Gibson Brands. “We’re back in the amplifier game in a big way. The Falcon 5 and 20 have an amazing balance of historic DNA and modern build quality and they offer unprecedented value to players, not to mention timeless designs that will look as great on stage as they will in homes.”
  9. Unlock the highest level of creative expression with lightning-fast workflow that allows you to capture, create and connect with your fans anytime, anywhere. BUENA PARK, Calif., Jan. 15, 2024 - Yamaha, the world's largest manufacturer of musical instruments and audio solutions, today announced SEQTRAK, an all-in-one, music creation station designed for composing and performing electronic music from anywhere. The compact music station allows users to capture ideas quickly, create original music using its versatile sound and sample engines and connect with fans using its powerful performance features and streamlined connectivity. “Every musician has experienced getting a musical idea outside of their music-making space. SEQTRAK’s compact size allows those ideas to be recorded and developed further. Plus, the depth of the SEQTRAK app adds an entire dimension for turning those ideas into completed music and video,” says Nate Tschetter, senior manager, product marketing at Yamaha Corporation of America. SEQTRAK features a one-to-one interface, lightweight design, captivating sound, a built-in speaker and microphone, and a rechargeable battery to empower sophisticated electronic music production. With SEQTRAK, creators don’t have to compromise quality sound thanks to its two versatile sound engines. The AWM2 offers an impressive 128-note polyphony and specializes in authentic sounds like pianos, strings, and guitars, while the four-operator FM engine produces stunning synth pads, leads, and FM electric pianos. Creators and producers can explore the expansive library that contains more than 2,000 presets of professionally crafted sounds. Capturing unique sound is simple with the SEQTRAK’s sampler that offers seven sound slots and effects that can be customized to create polished tracks all in high-quality 44.1 kHz/16-bit format. Additionally, its sequencer allows for intuitive and seamless composition, arrangement, and playback of tracks. The SEQTRAK app enables users to shape the sound precisely with robust editing features, including managing content, deep sound editing, a visualizer mode to add video to your music, and more. The SEQTRAK is available for $399.99
  10. Portable Multi-Effects Processor and Microphone Preamp for Performing Singers Los Angeles, California, January 18, 2024 — BOSS announces the VE-22 Vocal Performer, the latest model in the company’s long-running series of Vocal Performer products. With the portable VE-22, performing singers can take charge of their live sound with an XLR microphone preamp and a diverse range of premium sonic tools, from basic vocal enhancement to dramatically processed effects. A real-time harmony function is also included, along with versatile features for practice, recording, and online streaming. The VE-22 is packed with the latest advancements in BOSS’s acclaimed Vocal Performer technology. Studio essentials like compressor, EQ, and de-esser provide core sound support, and there’s a wide selection of delays and reverbs for adding space and ambience. Users can explore a universe of electronic colors and aggressive textures with auto pitch, distortion, lo-fi, modulation, and other cool voice-transforming effects. Preset memories offer 50 ready-to-go sounds, while 99 user memories are available for storing custom setups for different songs and styles. The VE-22’s powerful harmony and doubling functions enable users to create head-turning ensemble effects from a single voice. It’s easy to set the song key, change up the harmony voicing, adjust levels, and more with the panel knobs. It’s also possible to assign the harmonies to an onboard switch and bring them in and out while performing. The uncomplicated VE-22 interface encourages users to get creative with vocal sounds. Harmony, Effect, and Echo sections feature multi-function knobs for fast navigation, while the color display and knob LEDs offer a clear view of the current status. Three customizable switches support both foot and hand operation. There’s also a jack for connecting an expression pedal or external footswitches for additional live control. The VE-22 provides an XLR input and integrated preamp for a professional stage microphone, plus phantom power for high-end condenser types. A high/low gain switch, rear-panel sensitivity knob, and level meter enable the user to optimize the input signal for nearly any mic. USB-C, an analog aux input, and a headphone jack support a variety of vocal activities, including daily practice, computer recording, music playback from a smartphone, and livestreaming on social media. Availability & Pricing: The new Boss VE-22 Vocal Performer and CB-VE22 Carrying Case will be available for purchase at authorized US BOSS retailers in January for $349.99 and $69.99.
  11. Korg releases the microKORG 2. The new version of the company's acclaimed 37-key synth features 8 single voices / dual 4 voices, 256 programs, USB-C connection and much more. A new origin The microKORG, one of the most iconic and recognizable synths in the history of music, revolutionized the music world with its unique form factor and unmistakable sounds, making it an industry standard for musicians everywhere. Used in countless legendary performances and recordings, its legacy spans more than 20 years. Renowned and loved by musicians, sound engineers, producers and gadget buffs everywhere, the microKORG has now evolved to a more powerful, more flexible and richer level - the new microKORG. While retaining some of the iconic aspects of the original , including the convenient portable size, easy to play mini keybed, the large dial for selecting program genres or the vocoder with dedicated mic, the new microKORG offers a completely new, powerful sound engine, many more useable programs, a visually astounding user interface, and so much more. The new microKORG features a gorgeous 2.8-inch full-color IPS LCD display that not only makes editing incredibly easy and intuitive, but brings immediate information and instant gratification as users can visually shape and “see” their sounds. As well as a powerful vocal processor with harmonizer and hard-tuning functions, the new microKORG also features a loop recorder that makes it the perfect production and performance tool for today’s diverse music world and beyond. Beloved by musicians worldwide, its intuitive interface and powerful, rich, diverse sound make the new microKORG the ideal synth for anyone ready to explore the magic of synthesis. A new standard: the new microKORG. Unparalleled user experience The new microKORG retains the iconic one-knob genre selection for intuitive sound browsing, as well as the five dedicated edit knobs to quickly manipulate your chosen parameters on the fly. The bank selection concept is also expanded with a new categorization system so you can capture the changing sounds of each era, including Classical, Modern and Future. The microKORG's control panel gets a vibrant makeover with a 2.8-inch color display. Visually edit sounds with animated parameter guides, keeping all five knobs in clear view for stress-free tweaking. Want to see the sonic impact of your edits? A single touch transforms the display into an oscilloscope, letting you watch your sound come alive. Bridging the gap between power and playability, the microKORG's revamped interface unlocks advanced sound editing with surprising ease. Familiar to veterans, intuitive for newcomers, it lets you explore sonic frontiers without losing the microKORG's signature workflow. Newly designed vocal processor The original microKORG was well-known for its easy to use vocoder with a dedicated mic and one of the reasons for its unfading popularity. The new microKORG takes this concept to the next level and features a brand-new powerful vocal processor. In addition to vocoder effects, this new vocal processor features industry-standard hard-tune pitch correction effects, along with a harmonizer that lets you pitch-shift and layer the original vocal sound. You can also apply reverb, delay and other effects to the vocal processor’s signal output. Enjoy playing the new microKORG with the dedicated gooseneck mic that sports a metallic neck, to get the vocals you’ve dreamed of live or in the studio. Inspiring loop recorder The new microKORG features a loop recorder, which lets you create backing tracks by looping and overdubbing given parts of music, making it the ideal tool for on-the-go live performances. The three dedicated buttons—record, play/stop and undo/redo—make loop recording super simple for anyone. The recording and playback settings can easily be modified thanks to its easily accessible dedicated menus, so any player can get started making music right away. Of course, the microKORG wouldn't be complete without its built-in easy to use arpeggiator. Use the loop recorder and arpeggiator to craft layers of sound and discover where your unique performance will take you. Travel through time with new synth sounds Expanding the iconic sound palette, the new microKORG introduces a genre-based Category and Bank selector, providing quick access to an incredibly diverse range of sounds within Classic, Modern and Future categories. The genre-based Category and Bank selector lets users quickly find sounds that will fit any genre without endless and tedious preset browsing. The three Banks feature eight genre Categories, each offering eight preset Programs, and you can save up to 64 Programs in the User Bank for your own personal favorites. The microKORG is a virtual analog synth that models analog circuitry. One of the characteristics of a virtual analog synth is that there are no physical restrictions in terms of how the circuitry is laid out, which gives you a wide canvas to create your own sounds so you can go beyond the classic, modern and future eras. The microKORG features virtual patch functionality in a compact form, offering the patch functions that users are already familiar with when creating sounds using analog circuitry. Quickly and easily create deep yet detailed sounds while checking the patching on the onscreen graphical interface. microKORG's iconic design updated with a modern look The basic design of the chassis, control panel layout, green silk printing, knob shape, and other iconic microKORG features have been retained, but the design has been updated for a modern look. The new gorgeous 2.8-inch color display is placed in the center, and the entire control panel is recessed one level to enhance the immersive experience of playing and creating sounds. The body is painted in an exquisite metallic color that complements the three-dimensional shape, and the side panels are coated with a black stone-grained finish that creates a rugged appearance for comfortable, secure, long-lasting use. Massively enhanced effects To expand the scope of the synth sounds as far as possible, Korg has developed three series of effects including nine new types of modulation (with dynamics effects), six types of delay and reverb. These three series of effects can be independently switched on/off, and you can adjust the wet/dry ratio of the effects separately. The signal is routed through the effects and output to a two-band parametric EQ with adjustable low and high bands, so you can adjust the final character of the sound. Users can create sounds from start to finish with the new microKORG alone, without needing an external mixer or effects processing. Free bundle of music software microKORG comes with a diverse variety of music software from Izotope including “Ozone Elements” which lets you not only create songs but also master them using AI, “Skoove” which will help you improve your keyboard playing skills, as well as software synths from KORG and other brands. In other words, the moment you get your hands on this synthesizer you'll have a variety of tools to help you take your music to the next level. Features: 37 keys (mini keys, with velocity, no aftertouch) Analog modeling synthesis system Single 8 voices, Dual 4 voices Maximum Polyphony Vocoder 8 voices Hard Tune 4 voices Harmonizer 4 voices Hard Tune & Harmonizer 2 voices Effects Modulation Delay Reverb Equalizer Arpeggiator 10 types, step arpeggiator function Programs 256 programs (4 Banks x 8 Categories x 8 Programs)
  12. Redesigned 828 Offers a New Look and Superb Analog Performance. CAMBRIDGE, MA — Tuesday, January 9, 2024. MOTU is now shipping a complete redesign of its popular 828 rack-mounted (1U) audio interface for macOS, Windows and iOS. With superb analog performance driven by renowned ESS Sabre32 Ultra™ DAC technology, the 28x32 828 connects to a Mac, PC or iPad via 5 Gbps USB3 with low-latency, high-performance drivers to deliver 60 total channels of I/O and 24-channel mixing with on-board effects processing, including reverb, 4-band EQ and compression. Front Panel On the front panel, a large, bright 3.9-inch full-color LCD display provides 480 x 128 pixel high-resolution metering for all analog and digital I/O. Control room features include talkback with front panel "talk" button and "A/B" monitor select, mute, and sum-to-mono buttons for the main outs. Two front-panel “combo” style XLR/TRS mic/line/hi-Z guitar inputs provide advanced mic channels with cutting-edge components that deliver ultra-transparent sound with -114 dB THD+N, 118 dB dynamic range and -129 dBu EIN. Each mic channel provides individual controls for preamp gain (+74 dB), -20 dB pad, 48V phantom power, and phase invert. All settings can be controlled remotely from a computer or iOS device. Each mic channel includes a dedicated send/return insert for outboard gear processing. When nothing is connected to the front-panel mic inputs, the two rear-panel returns function as additional balanced line inputs with identical signal path characteristics as the other eight line inputs. Additional I/O Additional audio I/O includes 8 TRS analog (line-level) in/out, separate main outs on XLR jacks, two banks of 8-channel ADAT optical I/O, stereo RCA S/PDIF digital I/O, and two front-panel headphone outputs. The analog outputs deliver a measured dynamic range of 125 dB with -113 dB THD+N. All inputs and outputs can be calibrated with boost or trim in precise 1 dB increments. Users can create completely customized mixes for each headphone output that include live 828 inputs, host computer channels and built-in reverb. All line outputs are DC-coupled, so they may be used to manipulate and sequence voltage-controlled modular synthesizers from a host DAW. Advanced Extras Also included are MIDI In/Out jacks (with optional MIDI Thru), BNC word clock I/O (with optional Thru), and a foot switch input for hands-free punch-in during recording (or to trigger other host software keystrokes). If the 828 is connected to a computer on a Wi-Fi network, users can control everything wirelessly from the CueMix 5 app running on mobile devices or other computers on the same network — even multiple devices at the same time. Users can manage access to the 828 (and other on-line MOTU devices) with network discovery features and password protection. The 828 driver provides two loopback USB channels for live streaming and podcasting. Users can easily route computer output back to the computer, where they can mix it with live 828 inputs (microphones, guitars, etc.) in their host software for live streaming or podcasting. The 828 also supports guitar re-amping. Users can connect a guitar to the front-panel input, use CueMix's near-zero latency to loop to any output (with a re-amp adapter, if needed), and record both the dry signal and a mic’d up amp simultaneously. Then the dry signal can be re-amped later with different amps and cabs — or amp modeling plug-ins — to experiment with different tones. Included Software The 828 includes the following software for musicians to start making music immediately: CueMix 5 app to control mixing and settings from your Mac, PC or iOS device, MOTU Performer Lite and Ableton Live Lite workstation software, 100+ instruments (in Performer Lite), and over 6 GB of included free loops, samples and one-shots from industry leading libraries. Availability The 828 is now shipping and replaces all previous 828 models. Price is $995 USD.
  13. The Nord Grand 2 features the latest generation premium Hammer Action keybed from Kawai. Combining the responsive feel of an acoustic grand piano with our world renowned Sound Libraries and a tactile user interface, the sleek and elegant Nord Grand 2 offers a genuinely unique experience. THE GRAND EXPERIENCE The Nord Grand 2 features a new and improved Kawai responsive hammer keybed with triple sensors for accurate tracking of hammer movement. Maintaining the ease of use of the original Nord Grand while adding dual layers of Piano and Synth, the Nord Grand 2 offers greater flexibility for performance and sound creation. The well balanced and responsive triple sensor keybed features an advanced hammer mechanism providing extraordinary control through the entire dynamic range. PERFORMANCE The Nord Grand features dedicated LED faders for each layer, as well as knobs and buttons for all essential functions required in a live performance. Performing tasks such as Creating Layers and Splits, adding effects or transposing the instrument can be performed instantly. The dual Piano and Synth engines can be combined in a layer or split across the keyboard. Each layer has a dedicated effects section. The Nord Grand 2 has 7 Split Points indicated with LED lights and the Split Point Crossfades offer smooth transitions between two split zones. Choose from 3 different crossfade widths (Small, Large or Off] as indicated by different LED colors. PIANO SECTION The Nord Grand 2 comes with an extensive collection of Grands, Uprights and Electric Pianos from our exclusive Nord Piano Library combined with new features such as Dynamic Compression and Unison. Our state-of-the-art sampling technique captures the extraordinary nuances and real character of the source instruments. Our unique 'Advanced String Resonance' and Dynamic Pedal Noise features deliver stunning realism and an unsurpassed level of expressiveness. SAMPLE SYNTH SECTION Two independent Sample Synths with greatly expanded memory and a large variety of new and updated sounds ranging from wind, brass, strings, basses and guitars to classic analog leads and basses. Also included is a selection of samples from the Symphobia and Swing libraries by ProjectSAM. The Sample Synth section provides two fully-featured and independent Layers and is equipped with intuitive controls for attack, decay/release and dynamic velocity response. The Soft and Bright settings provide a quick way of shaping the tone of the sound. The Grand 2 Sample synth engine offers several new features. Unison creatively blends several sample voices for rich, ensemble-like sounds, "Tru-Vibrato" accurately models the unique vibrato characteristics of a wide variety of wind, brass and string instruments and round robin allows natural sounding fast repetitions. Vibrato is controlled by button, pedal, or the preset delay setting. The Sample Synth section also features Mono and Legato modes with adjustable Glide rate. EFFECT SECTION The Nord Grand 2 has a powerful new Effect section per Layer. The extensive range of Effects includes brand new types of Reverb, Delay, Amps and Modulation effects. MAIN FEATURES General New generation Premium Kawai Hammer Action keybed Advanced Layering (2 Pianos + 2 Sample Synths) Individual Split settings per Layer with optional crossfades Support for Nord Piano Monitor Nord Triple Pedal 2 (included) Sample Synth 2 independent Sample Synth Layers Expanded memory for Nord Sample Library Soft and Bright options Unison for rich, ensemble-like sounds Tru-Vibrato with real time control Round robin for natural sounding repetitions Mono and Legato modes with Glide Attack, Decay/Release and Dynamic controls Piano Section 2 independent Piano Layers 120 Voice Polyphony Soft, Mid, Bright and Dyno filters Dynamic Compression 3 Keyboard Touch options Advanced String Resonance Soft Release Effects Dedicated Effect section per Layer Modulation Effects with Rate and Amount Global Reverb with Send per Layer, Pre-Delay, Chorale and Bright/Dark mode New Spring, Booth and Cathedral Reverb New Spin Effect New Delay with Filter, Flam and Ping Pong Compressor Amp with Tone variations
  14. Over ten years of AI mastering research and innovation is now available for any digital audio workstation (DAW). Music producers can stay in their workflow with a pro-level AI mastering plugin from the music industry’s most respected mastering engine LANDR, a globally recognized digital music creation and AI-powered mastering tools platform, today launched its new AI mastering plugin with groundbreaking technology supported by a 10-year data set and millions of satisfied artists, including Lady Gaga, NAS and Gwen Stefani. Users will benefit from increased speed and efficiency for creative and precise mastering in their digital audio workstation (DAW) workflow. Artists can trust LANDR's AI technology to deliver three uniquely conceived professional masters for each song finalized through the LANDR Mastering Plugin. Finished masters can be released as-is, or revised using advanced controls that empower even the most experienced producers to personalize their mastered song. A sleek, user-friendly interface simplifies the mastering process. LANDR Mastering Plugin integrates seamlessly with any major DAW, reducing complexity with a simple workflow that gives everyone the power to create pro-level mastered versions of their tracks, without any need to learn how to use the product beforehand. “It's the human touch that makes LANDR Mastering so unique. Over the past 10 years, our Grammy Award-winning audio engineers have spent thousands of hours personally training our AI mastering engine,” said Daniel Rowland, Award-winning Producer and Head of Strategy and Partnerships at LANDR. “Now, you can use LANDR Mastering as a plugin in your DAW—integrated as part of your workflow with additional controls to help customize your sound. This is a game-changer for anyone mastering their own music,” added Rowland. Here’s what users can expect from LANDR Mastering Plugin: A patented AI engine refined by over ten years of research, development, and innovation Proven mastering technology trusted by more than 5M artists, mastering over 25M songs in the past decade Exceptional audio quality optimized for any listening environment Personalized mastering that adapts to the unique characteristics of the track Rapid AI analysis for fast, efficient, and unlimited masters Real-time processing for on-the-fly adjustments to masters Ability to revise each AI-powered master through intuitive controls including Loudness, Presence, and De-Esser Spectral display for visualizing frequency changes EQ controls to fine-tune the track’s tone Dynamics control for compression and saturation Stereo width control for tailored spatial distribution LANDR Mastering Plugin delivers consistent, pro-level mastering for playback in any environment. User’s tracks will deliver punch and presence on devices as diverse as iPhone speakers, headphones, PAs, or studio-quality monitors. Availability LANDR Mastering Plugin is available now for $299 USD directly from LANDR.com, or through leading music software retailers. For more information about the new LANDR Mastering Plugin, contact: About LANDR LANDR was founded in 2013 in Montreal, Canada, offering an industry-leading platform that helps music makers and producers create, collaborate, master, distribute, and monetize their music online. A passionate team of musicians, engineers, data scientists, and producers apply innovative machine learning and advanced algorithms to remove the barriers of complex, expensive audio mastering. LANDR’s broad set of AI tools, plugins, and services are used by more than 2.8 million independent artists and commercial giants including Warner Bros., Atlantic, Disney Music Group, and Interscope remixing tracks for Lady Gaga. To see a video demo or learn more about LANDR mastering plugin, visit: https://www.landr.com.
  15. Softube announces the third generation of its acclaimed Console 1 Control Surface. The Console 1 MKIII features dual high-resolution smart screens, 27 analog feel touch-sensitive potentiometers and much more! A new generation of Softube's groundbreaking and highly awarded mixing control surface is here. Announcing Console 1 Channel Mk III. World-class console sound Authentic, timeless big studio sounds from the company known for exquisitely modeling big studio gear, from Tube-Tech to Weiss. Console 1 Channel comes with Softube's Core Mixing Suite software. It delivers the award-winning sounds of Softube Tape, FET Compressor Mk II, and Bus Processor in versatile preamp, shape, equalization, and compression sections, and an innovative drive befitting Softube’s stellar saturation reputation. It's Softube's take on the perfect channel strip, but users will appreciate the ability to draw on Softube's one-of-a-kind catalog to design their unique dream console. World-class console feel Softube engineers ensured that every rotation of Console 1 Channel’s Analog FeelTM potentiometers delivers a sensation that rivals the priciest outboard gear. The weighty, precise, and resistant turn of these knobs underscores the immersive mixing experience of Channel. With an increase of more than ten times the resolution over the earlier generation, Console 1 Channel is the future-proofed foundation of the modern mixing workflow. Mix without a mouse Let go of the mouse. Console 1 Channel's knob-per-function design allows users to use their hands to mix and their ears to sculpt their sound. Dual high-resolution smart screens and an industry-defining 1:1 workflow mean users always understand the adjustments they are making and where to find the most important parameters. With the increase in efficiency that Channel delivers, users can put the focus back on the creative process. What’s new with Console 1 Channel Mk III: Premium bead-blasted aluminium in a Nordic Night Sky finish Dual high-resolution smart screens 27 Analog FeelTM potentiometers with touch sensitivity Two instances per Shape, EQ, and Compressor section Console 1 Core Mixing Suite, featuring: Softube Tape/Preamp section Shape: Transient Shaper plus new utility tools Two equalizers: passive vintage and precise modern Three compressors based on FET Compressor Mk II, Bus Processor, and OPTO Compressor Newly designed drive algorithm Dual USB-C ports with daisy chain compatibility VESA and 19-inch rack mounting options Availability date: Fall 2023 Price: 899 USD, 995 EUR
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