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  1. I completely get that, it just perplexes me that Kurzweil don't put multis in there to wow a customer in the store like every other manufacturer does.
  2. I was thinking about my PC4 predicament and thought about trying the synth with a different monitoring system, as I currently use it outputting to a pair of old Aiwa bookshelf speakers, which may be changing my perception of the sound of the keyboard for the worse. I was also wondering why it is that the board only comes with 50 factory multis, most of which are pretty basic stuff and nothing that really showcases the power that the PC4 can offer. Anybody know why? I find it especially odd given that the K2700 comes with way more multis-I get that it is a flagship board and the PC4 isn't but I'm guessing Kurzweil would like to sell both, so why nothing in the PC4?
  3. The reason I bought the PC4 in the first place was for the sound design possibilities if the VAST engine, but life got in the way and I never got around to actually learning how to use it. In terms of going to the store to try stuff, most of the stores near me have a very poor selection of keyboards, and when they do have a good selection, they're never hooked up.
  4. Thanks all for your input. I haven't checked out Dave's soundset for the board, which I will definitely do when I get the chance. I'm also going to experiment with importing my own samples and doing some editing on the board (maybe with the help of the computer editor) to see if I can rekindle the flame so to speak with this board. Playing around with the global EQ also might help me out. In terms of weight, I'm pretty young, so it is not a real problem, I was more so thinking aloud about the possible benefits of changing up my rig by moving to lighter boards. In terms of budget, if I were to upgrade, it would be whatever money I could get for my PC4, plus maybe some additional cash on the side, so a Nord (as much as I'd like one) is out of the question. I have some time before the first of my summer gigs start, so I can spend some time with the Kurzweil and figure out what I want to do. In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions or input, please feel free to continue the discussion.
  5. All of you guys sound like you have great rigs. @Paul Woodward I might take a look at the grandstage as I quite like the RH3 action (at least on the D1) and I like korg's sounds in general, my only hesitation is weight and how easy the front panel controls are. As for a top board, I'd probably end up with something like an FA06 or Krome that has a ton of sounds in it that I can use to cover any auxiliary parts.
  6. For me, having a weighted board is not super important, especially if I have to lug it through wedding halls with inconvenient load-in situations.
  7. @Viv Savage Sounds like an amazing rig! I had the opportunity to play a MODX8+ a little while back and I was impressed with all of the random presets I picked with the exception of the organs. I could probably get through a song or two if I had to with it but I certainly would use something else if my setlist called for more B3 sounds. I haven't tried the keybed on the MODX6/7 (I assume it's the same on those other than the number of keys) or the YC in general, but I'd probably pick a board from another company as my second board, just to get a wider range of sounds.
  8. I'm facing a bit of a dilemma with my current keyboard rig. I currently own a Kurzweil PC4 88 and it has been serving me well over the last 2 years or so since I got it. While I have gotten a lot of use out of the PC4 in my home studio (its sounds have ended up all over the recordings I've worked on in the last year and a half), I've never really found it an inspiring board to play, where I can turn it on, dial up any patch, and just play for hours. I always find myself getting bored of the few sounds in the board that I've grown to like, and anything beyond that seems unattainable due to the complexity of the editing parameters in the board. Due to the nature of the gigs I play, it's been mainly a studio piece (I think it has seen 1 gig since I bought it) and now that my summer gigging schedule is filling up with weddings (which I haven't played many before) where I need to bring my own gear, I'm wondering if I should sell it and buy something else. At this point, just for the schlep factor and modularity, a pairing of a 76 key and 61 key semi-weighted rig seems like it might be the way forward for me. I've never loved the action on the PC4 anyway (didn't hate it either) and having 2 new (to me) boards might be what I need to have a more flexible and more inspiring playing and gigging experience. Thoughts? Many of you guys have been doing this way longer than me, and so I want to hear what you would do in this case.
  9. The theory and LH bass knowledge about passing tones and intervals that I had before was very helpful, as was youtube and the many videos I've watched about learning bass. I started out pretty simple but I'm slowly building up my skills, dexterity, and speed. I also enjoy learning the instrument and that it opens me up to playing with more people.
  10. Been playing keys now for almost a decade, had a gig a few months ago (I've been playing this gig for years now on keys; myself and the other musicians have like 3 days to arrange and rehearse a whole bunch of songs and then we play for like 5000 people) where the people who hired the band were new this year and hired 3 keys players, 5 guitar players, and no bass player, so I decided to learn bass in 3 days for this show (one of the guitarists switched to drums and the rest of them refused to play bass), and since mid-January I've been playing a a number of gigs as a bassist. Luckily my theory knowledge and LH bass skills from piano were good enough to get me through the first few gigs I played, and now I have more bass gigs than keys gigs on my calendar in the coming months, since there are tons of keys players in my area and only a few decent bass players. Am I enjoying my time as a bassist? Yeah, but between bass gigs and the production stuff I've been doing, my PC4 is sadly gathering dust in the corner of my basement.
  11. Why not go with more of workstation type board that has velocity curves? I like a lighter action as well because I split my time between AP/EP and a lot of hammond and synth sounds and using the velocity curves on my Kurzweil PC4 has left me satisfied with the weight of the action.
  12. I've seen all three of the shows you mentioned above, I felt both the NYC and Cirque shows were fantastic (the musical did a really good job balancing the story with the music and using each part to tell the story of the other), but the show at the Tropicana was kind of disappointing. They only played fragments of the songs and the band was half tracks: no bass player at all and a lot of the more involved (in terms of playing and programming) keyboard parts were also from tracks.
  13. Both the user multis and the user programs are stored in their respective user banks
  14. I haven't been around for a while (life, as per usual got in the way) and I'm starting to get back into playing gigs and the like (and hopefully I'll be more active around here as well) As part of this, I'm playing a Peter Gabriel Tribute at a private event next weekend and so I dusted off my PC4 and programmed some patches for it and they all worked fine until it came time for rehearsal with the band. About half the songs in the set are more acoustic so I'll be using the grand piano at the venue for those (Solsbury Hill, In Your Eyes, Here Comes the Flood, Red Rain) but the rest of the songs have a lot of programming going on on my end. Last night at the rehearsal almost all of the multis I set up had patches missing in some way that made them unplayable and it was rather embarrassing for me as it seemed like I had come unprepared (at least it didn't happen at the gig). The issue was that when I would load up a multi, only some of the zones would play, and going into the edit screen and trying to change programs did not remedy the problem. The majority of the programs in the multis are modified factory presets that are not being used by any other multis. I went through and made sure that the expression pedal was disabled on all the zones where I didn't want it and that all of them were being routed through the main stereo outputs and I had nothing. Can anyone who is better with this board help me? I really don't want to have to reprogram any multis as I have a busy week at work ahead of me and I don't exactly have money laying around to go out and buy a whole other board right now. Thanks and happy to be back, KaptainKeys
  15. Nice rig, what are those silver bars holding up the CK?
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