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  1. Hello. Not sure I'm doing this right. Just a simple question. Total Eclipse of the heart. What synth. Backround. I have a VR-09. BossRT for organ,MOXF8, and Kronos 88 SE, Reface DX. Iknow I have most synth stuff covered I assume its dx, e . Just a note. I have been reading you guy for about 4 years now and you guys [girls] are super. I have learned so much.I have such a rabbit whole with what I have. My amps are Kc 550 , Kc 600 and a Fender 100Fm 4 x12 Stack for fill LOL. I know I know KC's butt they can kick it. No neighbours close by so volume is not a problem.Yes I've putt my boards through a high quality amp and high quality speakers and I understand the differance. You people rock. Thanks Madi
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