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  1. I read your reply after watching the video, and I'm surprised to see that, as I thought leads would soar with multiband patches. How well do these guitars sit in a mix with lots of instruments - say a Chigago-style band with horns and keys? Also, I'm now G.A.S.ing for a Helix. Never ends!
  2. Craig, what's your pedalboard consist of? In the aforementioned HC review, you used a MS-100BT, but are there any multieffects that deliver the best bang for the buck in your opinion? And in the interest of the topic, I use Quilter amps - a nice, discrete analog signal path made digital only by two Eventide H9s in the effects loop. I also use the Boss GT-1 for my church and some of my wine bar gigs, which I bought used for ninety dollars - crazy that a Benjamin can buy you that much processing power! BTW I bought your book(s) on recording. The latest digital guitar one is great!
  3. I started on string bass and trombone in the youth orchestra and took lessons from the assistant principal in the San Francisco Symphony; and then, in an effort to make myself more unemployable, I switched to guitar. In truth, I've always had a guitar lying around. But then one day I decided to make a concerted effort to really study. Now, 20 years or so later, I've gotten to the point where I do all the band parts on the guitar behind a vocalist in the jazz and bossa style in the Tuck Andress vein (he was one of my teacher, so I took it REALLY seriously). And yes, in various cover and original bands I get to run around like Angus Young and play Van Halen licks, which is super fun! Come to think of it, I suppose THAT'S why I switched.
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