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  1. Definitely this. When I started with my current teacher, we started working on classical pieces. I do believe it helped immensely with my overall fingering in playing other styles of music as well. Not just in loosening up my hands, but thinking of more efficient ways to play more complex chords and phrases. Now that I type this, I realize it's been a long while since I pulled out any of those classical pieces. I should really get back on that.
  2. This was actually (apparently) several years ago. Maybe a good thing: if my wife & I had happened upon it in our house search, I'd have a helluva time trying to convince her to buy it! HERE is an article with more info and pictures about the house. Zillow claims the house was sold for $90,000(!) But, that might have been before the GR housing market exploded.
  3. I was wondering the same thing myself. This board itself is not for me, but...if the main organ engine is VCM based, maybe there's hope the tech could make it to the montage/MODX family?
  4. Absolutely. "Clockwork Angels" may not be their best album, but it was one of the best they had put out in some time. I'm sorry I never got to see them live more than once, but I'm glad they got to go out on a high note. RIP, Neil
  5. I'm always interested in these end-of-year or end-of-decade lists. I like challenge myself to see how many of these albums I'm familiar with. Granted, this is a decade list vs. a yearly list, but I can confidently say I've at least heard of the vast majority of these, and probably own 16-18 of them. While I certainly wouldn't call this my own top 50, I wouldn't necessarily argue with any of them either. (Though, I am a little surprised Robyn's "Honey" got higher marks than "Body Talk".)
  6. showoff ! [j/k] Mostly the Fiona Apple, St. Vincent and Radiohead. Good stuff. Unfortunately I'll have to time to listen to the rest of them this winter; I'm having carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve surgery on both sides in the next 3 weeks. ouch. Hope its successful. Wise to challenge the brain. For me, I would skip Mr Kanye West. I'm as tired as anyone at Kanye's schtick at this point, but I will say: "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" is one of the extremely few rap albums I've physically purchased, and, IMHO, is his best album. If you can get past all his antics, it really is well worth a listen. All the best on your recovery.
  7. Thanks; that's good to know. I don't have a huge need for a secondary laptop/tablet in my rig at the moment, but it's something I have considered, and it sounds like the keyboard can easily handle it. If nothing else, it seems like it would be a good "starting point" if I ever do experiment with that in the future. Does anyone here have experience with using the built-in interface recording audio from the MODX into a DAW?
  8. Hi all: long-time lurker, first-time poster. So, I'm looking to upgrade my keyboard, and am strongly considering the Yamaha MODX8. In reading about it on this site, I haven't seen many people talk about the built-in audio interface on this board. To those that use it frequently/regularly, I'm interesting in hearing your experiences. From what I can tell, it can easily handle recording audio from the keyboard to a DAW, as well as being able to play audio from softsynths and other sources, correct? And how would the sound quality compare to a standalone audio interface?
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