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  1. Both my wife and I love Mr Bean and Black Adder, and only recently did I get her to watch the complete Monty Python works. But we have Never watched PeeWee together. I will rent something and slip it in our viewing queue. I let you know what happens!
  2. We just posted an international collaborative pandemic project. Catch it here on YouTube!!
  3. Sing an entire song on inhalation, not just on exhalation as we usually do.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I thought that since the images were already copyright, I couldn"t do it again no matter how artistically I fade them in and out. So just the song will be copyrighted. And I will look at the library of Congress site before I do anything else. I really don"t need any more experience with the legal profession. Been there, done that from both a professional and private point of view!!
  5. Being an amateur, copyright, publishing, distribution is a bit out of my expertise, but I do have a question along these lines. I have just completed a song for a 'pandemic arts presentation.' Along with that we made a video that shows different pictures related to this viral situation. The pictures were selected from commercial sites and a fee was paid to use them. I know the song melody can be copyrighted, and I have considered doing that through Legal Zoom. Can the song/video be copyright as one, or should they be separate? Or can I even copyright the video as it uses purchased commercial pictures? My inclination is to just put it all together, apply and see what happens. Any thoughts as to how I should proceed in the simplest fashion?
  6. I do have AVG on a computer that was updated to Win10 a few years ago. The Win10 install kept aborting, and it turned out that if you had AVG in 'turbo mode", this was causing the issue. I didn"t think I was using 'turbo mode," but when I checked it was on in AVG. probably hit the button by accident. Turned it off and Win10 installed normally. How old a copy of AVG causes this newer issues? Any AVG I have is at least 3 years old. Guess I might find out, as my wife"s laptop needs updated from 7 to Win10 soon. And her copy of AVG is at least 6 years old.
  7. I also imagine it is an operating environment where things directly over the operating field need to be sterile. But frankly a lot of things aren"t. Not sure why the main actors couldn"t have a clip on mic underneath their sterile gowns patched wirelessly to the receiver. The mics would not have to be sterilized. You would probably have some noise from movement, but it would increase the vocal volume to the machine noise. I haven"t done the actual mic placement, but I did travel on the handle side of the knife for 30 years. Cheers!
  8. I have 4 computers updated to Win10, 1903, and overall it has been good. One 9 year old lap top and one 10 year old 'Rain" built desk top both updated smoothly from Win7 and run much better on Win 10. The newer laptop had a few hiccups updating, but waiting, waiting and waiting while the install occurred was a trial of my patience, but the computer eventually booted. Reading some articles from Microsoft and Win 10 forum convinced me to just wait as the new OS processed and installed rather than trying to reboot. The other brand new desktop came with Win10. Early on in Win10 monthly updates, the usb 'sleep to save battery" settings were reset for whatever reason. Played havoc with the usb devices. Recently that appears to have stopped. But I still check the privacy settings as sometimes they changed. Overall I am happy with Win 10.
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