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  1. I'm using an original motif rack with a midi controller. Everything sounds good but the acoustic pianos are not good. I always heard the ES had the best of the piano samples. Everything about the 2 units are pretty similar. Would it be worth the switch
  2. I've been trying to find the place to dump my data to a datadisk. I've looked under global and utility but no luck. I have the editor but still haven't figured it out.. That LCD screen on this keyboard is pitiful Any help would be appreciated
  3. As a keyboard player I hate most tracks that you can buy You feel stupid playing a long with tracks that have everything covered. I put my own together so that at least you can play and create. Once in a while I'll put in a horn or string part that's necessary but generally I concentrate on drums and thick bass. I have everything from Jill Scott, Jeff Lorber, Al Green, Alex Bugnon, George Duke, Michael McDonald.......etc. Its hard enough mentally to play with tracks let alone when there's no space. I started this way back when when it was still new. Now it's everywhere . I guess as musicians we can blame ourselves for this. I'll send a sample to someone if you want. I also don't limit the sequences to the top. It sounds better to get a thicker sound by letting your PA create the volume
  4. I want to get this keyboard but a couple of comments on pianoworld forum have scared me a bit. The 2000 is the first of the RD series that caught my attention.I tried the 600 but hated it live, like the sound was stuck in the box. It sounded too compressed compared to the original 500. I returned it after trying it live.The 700 and 800 seemed similar. Playing the 2000 in the store seems great but how does it respond live with a band. The one comment on the forum was that live wise it didn't have good dynamic response and turning it up didn't fix that but only made it too loud but the sound still sounded like it was stuck in the box. For anyone using it live is this the case?
  5. A longtime bass player friend of mine recently passed away and I'm trying to figure out if his amp head is worth repairing. The amp turns on and slowly fades away in like 20 seconds. Once it surged when turned on. Someone told me the power section is blown out and its not worth fixing. Just wondering if thats the case. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks
  6. So you go to your sets of 16 by hitting shift and performance buttons. ...then to get to your individual performances within your set of 16 you have to hit shift and + or - ??? So there is no way to move from Perf1 to Perf13 unless you scroll up to 13? No buttons for quick moves?
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