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  1. Jazzpianoskills.com has a free weekly podcast. If you wanna play jazz piano these are the skills you need to get there. It is great to have a PhD in jazz education to step you through the process. There are 4 years of weekly lessons you can access for free. I have been teaching for 35 years. I am a lifetime paid member of this site. I am a big fan. The presentation is excellent. Having Dr Bob talk you through each lesson is highly motivating.
  2. I have been enjoying this series. Good insights from the studio musician perspective: [video:youtube]
  3. Eric Robinson " David is not a musician as you know." OMG Poor David will never live up to expectations while married to Eric's daughter. He just helped invent the first sampler ever and he has to listen to that crap!
  4. This made me laugh. It seems so far from the iconic role the Mellotron played in rock classics. I hope David is OK after being replaced with a real pro in this video. He was killing' it! [video:youtube]
  5. Yamaha Canada has been more than extremely helpful in dealing with keyboard issues on my Cp1. With the support of their local technician my keyboard issues were taken seriously and resolved. 10/10. I would suggest contacting Yamaha s service department.
  6. A UHL X3 would save you the sitting in the cold garage!
  7. You play to much colored people's music. You are fired. (The only gig I been fired from in 35 years).
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