Posted By: Tom Capasso Classified Policies - 02/22/08 06:24 PM
Finally - at long last !!
I've stolen most of this post from Dave Bryce's Classified Rules - thanks Dave !! We'll modify as needed.

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Due to popular demand, we're going to try having a dedicated forum where members of the forum can let other members of the forum know that they've got gear that they're looking to sell/trade.

Here's the deal:

1) All FS/FT posts MUST remain in this forum. Any FS/FT posts that stray outside the classified forum will be deleted.

2) Anyone putting up an FS/FT thread needs to include either an email address or a PM request - let's try and keep the threads mostly to FS/FT only, and have negotiations and such happen off-line.

3) Once something has been sold, please note that it has been sold in the original thread.

4) Anything that looks even remotely like spam will definitely be nuked.
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I'll add to Dave's notes that we expect the same respectful behavior here as on the Low Down.

Feel free to continue to use your signature to highlight your sale items if you prefer.

And let's keep the bumping to a minimum?

Posted By: _Sweet Willie_ Re: Classified Policies - 02/22/08 10:06 PM
Thanks for setting this up, Tom. Hopefully this will work out well for all involved.

I've kicked off the LDL marketplace with a FS post of my own!

Posted By: ... Re: Classified Policies - 02/25/08 04:07 AM
You're a marketplace.

(thanks guys, this is long overdue)
Posted By: RhoadBlock Re: Classified Policies - 02/28/08 12:28 AM
A few other forums of various natures have a policy that you must handwrite your (1) username, (2) the date, (3) and the forum name on a sheet of paper and it must be visible in each photo. It helps prove that you do in fact have the item you're selling...just an idea for the mods to consider.

Meanwhile I will be hawking this subforum for stuff I may or may not need :D.
Posted By: _Sweet Willie_ Re: Classified Policies - 05/31/08 09:44 AM
I've started locking threads for "sold" items. After a period of time, I may start deleting them as well. The other mods might jump in on this action as well. (We do love a tasty thread deletion from time to time to help the power we wield feel fresh. ;\) )

It'll help keep the focus on items still for sale or trade.


Posted By: Rocky McDougall Re: Classified Policies - 06/06/08 12:51 PM
Gentlemen, is there a way for me to put "SOLD" on the original topic line so everyone can see it without going through all the replies?
Thanks, Rocky
Posted By: rizzo9247 Re: Classified Policies - 06/06/08 12:58 PM
Another classified policy: Let's limit Rocky to selling only 1 Fender a week \:\)
Posted By: _Sweet Willie_ Re: Classified Policies - 06/07/08 09:22 AM
 Originally Posted By: Rocky MacDougall
Gentlemen, is there a way for me to put "SOLD" on the original topic line so everyone can see it without going through all the replies?

Yes. You need to "edit" your thread-starting post. That will let you edit the subject line and you can add "sold." If you have any problems, you can always PM a mod and we'll insert the "sold" and lock the thread.

Posted By: _Sweet Willie_ Re: Classified Policies - 03/07/11 06:10 PM

When posting ads because you are seeking a bass player for your band, please consider including the following information that many people will want to know about your band. You don't have to do this, but it seems like this kind of information would be pretty fundamental.

1. Where are you? (This forum has international reach.)

2. What kind of music do you play? Originals, covers, or both? (Genre plus examples of similar bands is useful here; posters on this forum play many different styles of music.)

3. How often do you rehearse and for how long?

4. How often do you gig, and how widely do you travel for gigs?

5. How much do you pay, or how is band pay worked out?

6. What's the URL for your band's website, or your facebook or myspace page? If you don't have one yet, why not? (e.g., new band)

7. Can you make video or audio samples available to interested players?

I'm sure there is some other useful information, but let's consider this a starting point. Maybe others will have some additional ideas. Including this info will save everyone a lot of time.

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