Hi everybody. My name is Dave and I'm addicted to buying CD's.
I'm sure this topic has been dealt with before and forgive me if it has. I would like to get a list of what you all believe are the "Best" recorded,mixed,engineered, mastered... in other words , the best sounding CD's of all time. It doesn't matter what genre or era of music it just has to sound GOOD! I'll assume that most of these would be remasters of original recordings but I know that just because "they" slap a sticker on the package saying it was remastered does not mean it sounds any better than the original release.
If this topic has been around the block a few times maybe you could point me in the right direction of where to veiw this and in which area of this forum I might find this info.

I'll start with a few of my favorites:
Toy Matinee's only recording: Bill Bottrell @ the wheel
Any Steely Dan recording : Roger Nichols
Earth,Wind & Fire- Faces : George Massenburg
Angela Bofill-Angie: Larry Rosen, Jim Galante,Jim Boyer, C.Clifton
Elton John-Capt.Fantastic: Gus Dudgeon, Jeff & Marco Guercio,Phil Dunne
Pablo Cruise-A Place in the Sun :Bill Schnee,Eric Schilling,George Tutko,D. Sax, M.Reese
Bernard Herrmann-Jason & The Argonauts:Mike Ross-Trevor,Joe Tarantino
Ambrosia (first): Sorry credits in Japanese but I'm sure Alan Parsons worked on this,
Teena Marie- It Must Be Magic: Bobby Brooks,Virginia Pallante, Peter Vargo, Lon Neuman

Yes, I'm pretty much a 70's obsessive but hey that's why I'm asking for your suggestions. Thanks a lot and have fun!