Ni hao everybody,

I've been in Beijing this past week producing music for the Chinese television network and have encountered a little snag. I blew up the power supply on my Korg Triton and my people here can't seem to find me another one (there's a particular sound I need to match on one unfinished piece). I know there must be a Triton for rent somewhere in this great city, so if anyone has a clue you could call me at the Media Center hotel, 86(010)68514422, room 725, or email me at Many thanks!

It's been an interesting trip, BTW. Quite a thrill to be conducting Chinese string players performing theme music for their own international network, expecially when you consider the status of said people about 35 years ago. Working on a Neve 88R, right there at the network, with a huge, though inexplicably carpeted, orchestral tracking room and all the right stuff.

BTW, I'd love any recommendation anybody may have for places to visit of audio or gear oriented interest. Any choice items available here? (And please, let's not revive the exporting jobs discussion. This is their music, for their television network, being performed by their musicians, paid for by Chinese television).

Thanks all,

Rick Krizman