Hello all. For most of my seven years of running my own project studio, it's local music acts that have come in to work. I freelance out to 2 other local studios as well to supplement my income, and there I do mostly :60 radio spots and jingles.
Now I'm starting to get these kinds of calls at my studio, and I'd like to hear others opinions on library music. I work with the licence music library stuff, and it's pretty good quality and has worked so far, but up untill now I have never been the one to deal with the licensing side of things. On the web I've found some sites for buyout music, where you would buy the CD(s) for $60 to $90, but any cuts you use you would have unlimited syncro rights to. This seems like a good way to make a little extra money for the studio, as just a couple of uses from a CD should make your money back even if you charge the client half of what licensing would cost them.
My question is this: does anybody have experience working with buyout music? Their samples on the web seemed like they are comparable quality. The downside for sure is that you have to put money for the CDs upfront, unlike some licensing companies who will give you the CDs at no cost. I'm just trying to see what most of you are using for this. Thanks for your time!