Hi. I posted last week about info on an Allen and Heath GL2. Finally got the board hooked up and there's a few things that might preclude my purchasing it. One of the biggies is the lack of direct outs. I thought I could get around this by using the first clik on the insert trick, but there's a few channels this dosen't work on for some reason. Anyway here's my dilemma. I like the way the pres in this thing sound better than my Mackie 1604 VLZ. A LOT better. They just seem to have more oomph than the Mackie, which in comparison sounds boxy and midrangy. Even the stereo channels with 1/4" inputs from my computer sound way better. So here's the deal- I know the mic pres aren't really the best reason for buying a mixer, what with the plethora of outboard pre's available, but I'd like to upgrade my sound and dump the Mackie simultaneously, since I believe the Mackie's summing isn't all that to start with. Problem is I'm on kind of a limited budget (I know- "Oh boy! Here's another idiot who wants to sound like the Record Plant for $300!") but seriously, is there anything out there in maybe the $1000-$1200 range that would give me a significant improvement over the Mackie in terms of sound quality? I was thinking of maybe the A+H Mix Wizard. Anyone using this board who could give me a heads up about it's sound quality? Mind you I'm not looking for a Neve on a Peavy budget, Just would like to give my sound a little boost.
Thanks in advance
Bob Green