This was originally going to posted under the "Windows in control rooms" thread but I figured it was a bit off topic and others may want to know my findings. I have no windows in my control room. I'm all closed-circut.

In my search for a way to get more than one source on the screen at the same time, and solve other problems(see below), I came across a cool, new, device made by RGB Spectrum, the Quadview Plus. It allows you to put 4 of any combo of 12 different input sources, 4- composite, 4-S-video, 4-hi res VGA, on the screen together at the same time. So, in other words, it's a 12 in, 4 out device with scalers on every input.

The only other device I could find by Extron did composite only. I wanted to be able to do PTHD, Radar, and cameras at the same time. Double plasmas has been the way up to now but being a progressive scan device makes certain graphic images soft and they will burn in which is a bummer as they can't be fixed.

In my case I'm using a JVC DILA projector to shoot up on an 80" wide 16 X 9 screen, in here lied the problem. The projector by nature is a 4 x 3 device but a 4 x 3 screen won't work on the front wall due to the compression ceiling that falls and the top of the console being to high. I must use a 16 x 9 screen which means I have to shrink my 4 x 3 image down to fit into the screen, leaving bars on each side and much wasted width of the 16 x 9 screen. This makes it quite small at a 9' viewing distance and only allowed 1 image on the screen at a time.

The Quadview Plus not only allows you to put 4 different images, with different scan rates, on one screen, with one projector, but it also allows you to move, size, place, gamma correct, etc.. each image individually. This allows you to make a custom, landscape, PT or Radar screen, put it up on the screen and move it all the way over to the left then do the other one and move it all the way to the right, now using the whole 16 X 9 screen without bars. You then could create 2 small composite camera screens to fit down below, on top, or right in the center of the others. It's like PIP on steroids! If you are using AMX or Crestron you can create as many presets as you want as long as you only want 4 images on the screen at the same time, more starts costing a lot of money. So, you can have 2 PT screens and 2 cameras, or 2-Radars and 2 PT or all 4 cameras sized and placed individually anywhere you want them on the screen, etc..., etc..

Since the projector is light bulb driven there is no burn in to worry about. LCD is the same way as DILA in this respect but has a few more artifacts but still works great for graphics at fairly close range.

Now here's the bad part. The box is about 11K retail because of all the scaling it has to do and an LCD projector is in the 3-5K range. Then again 2 large plasmas aren't a whole lot cheaper and you get a whole lot more versatility/ quality/extended life from this combo. It is really cool. If anybody has any questions fire away. I did my best to try to explain it but it can get a bit confusing especially if you don't do video. It's simple when you demonstrate it in person or once you understand it. This is the URL for RGB Spectrum and the Quadview,