now i'm sad and excited at the same time! everyone see this? not much talk on these forums about it...

fuck someone stole my idea!! i was thinking of this idea 2-3 yrs ago and even tried to have a friend in france help me build a prototype at the time but the dsps weren't up to snuff (needed too many and they weren't nearly as powerful at the time). so the other alternative was just rackmounting a 1/2/3u pc but of course that isn't very efficient.

this was gonna be my money machine! \:\)

any idea what the price will be? i still think a lot of plug-ins sound like ass but there are some very good *weird* ones and some plug-ins do the bread and butter stuff well also. and they're getting a lot better. this box is an ugly piece of shit but its gonna b nice imo!

that interface is straight up old eventide knock-off...guess since the designer is ex-eventide. a usb port for pc editing would be very cool...i guess if u had the same plug-ins installed on your pc then u could edit there and then drop the params into the rackmount. that'd b pretty cool...