OK, so you missed it.

A video of the talk is now up on You Tube. You can get to it directly here:

The official reason for this seminar was to convince the AES and manufacturers to get together on standards for interconnecting analog equipment, adhere to them, and that manufacturers specify the input and output configurations for a piece of gear so the user will know how to connect to it. The talk was well balanced, well explained, and well illustrated by Bill (as usual) and it's a worthwhile primer on what balanced and unbalanced really means, why we have ground loops and how to avoid them, and best practices for cable wiring when connecting a balanced and unbalanced device.

Stuff you should know about, and think about next time you have an XLR connector in one hand and an RCA jack in the other and know that if you buy a ready-made cable or adapter, it won't be the best way of connecting them for minimum hum and noise - and how you can do it correctly with some parts and a soldering iron.