what if there are new genres developing, somewhere, but we're simply not hearing them, because there's no marketing engine behind them?

Actually, that’s exactly what’s happening...at least in the sense of the explosion of subgenres and sub-subgenres: Dubstep, Brostep, djent, mumble rap, trap, darkwave, witch house, Black MIDI, Japanoise, Gothic/Horror country, lowercase, 1-Bit, chap-hop, Danger Music, vaporwave, mathcore, Gabber, Gabber Speedcore, Nintendocore, bounce, breakcore/hardcore jungle, horrorcore, pornogrind, coldwave, and a bunch more have sprung up in the past 2 decades.

Some of these REALLY don’t belong on radio or other mainstream outlets, nor could they survive much scrutiny beyond their dark little corners of fandom.

Others? There are definitely bands I have found nestled in those genres I listed that I love to pieces...and some my soon to be 74yo former music teacher Mom digs as well.

EDIT: partly ninja’d.

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