There are plenty of new genres (some are arguably subgenres): Footwork, Vaporwave, Dark/Doom Jazz, Dark/Doom Ambient, Cute Metal (Kawai core), Witch House, Stoner Metal/Rock. Electro Swing, Trap, Chillstep, many subgenres of dub,ambient, hip hop and electronica. There are also new names for older music such as Habibi Funk and Psychedelic Cumbia etc.

I have found YouTube and Wire magazine to be good sources for new genres.

I think our culture is too diverse and fragmented for one genre to dominate as it did during the Elvis/Beatles era. The Elvis/Beatles era coincided with an unusual increase in the population of young people that gave that generation a disproportionate amount of cultural influence. Now it is easier for older people to be oblivious to the latest youth trends.

The entertainment industry now tends to sell blockbusters (ie. Top 40 pop) or niche products (ie any of the many genres mentioned) without much of a middle ground that is likely to develop into something more mainstream. However, when I am forced to listen to pop music, I often hear elements from relatively obscure styles of the recent past that trickled up into pop music.

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