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Genres have been, historically, closely associated with (but not equivalent to) "Scenes" [snip] ...But the great, grand Scenes of the past - things are now all exploded and distributed across the internet - the critical mass of a true Scene is close to impossible in this era at least as far as I can discern.

You've very right about scenes serving as incubators for genres...like the psychedelic music coming out of San Francisco, the pop music British Invasion, etc.

I guess the question at this point is whether a scene can coalesce around something other than a geographical location. I can remember when the idea of streaming audio over the internet was not possible. Who knows how fast things will change in the next 20 years? Maybe there will be a nexus in, say, South Africa that you can visit virtually...and do anything from visit a club to hang out with musicians and shoot the breeze.

I mean, look at musicplayer...we're coalescing around something that's not a geographical location. But we have to communicate through text. Even adding images, audio, video, etc. is a hassle. The advantage of text is that it's permanent: You can come into this thread tomorrow, and find out what was said today. However, I think there's also room for the equivalent of real-time panel discussions...and of course, it could be stored for future review.

Wouldn't it be cool if we could go into your studio virtually, and all comment on some new song you played for us? Or loop the song, unattended, and people could post comments in a thread? I don't have any problem with missing some of what the past provided, but we can only imagine what the future will bring. When I said almost 25 years ago that physical media was doomed, people would tap into a celestial jukebox and stream music into their homes, and renting music would be the norm instead of buying it, most people thought I was crazy. But what I saw happening was tamer than what actually did happen!

Always in motion is the future smile