Genres have been, historically, closely associated with (but not equivalent to) "Scenes". A Scene being pop-up entity associated with a certain place and time, certain clubs and venues in a geographical area, musicians that hung out, got to know each other, full of bands and disbands, a vibe, a grapevine, impresarios, influential local radio and DJs, a buzz, a style, picked up by the press (local at least, but could spread to global), spread by rumor and the natural tendency of unattached young people wanting to flock to somewhere to find all the stuff unattached young people want so very badly to find - and get away from the stuff young people think they just have to get away from.

So Laurel Canyon, San Francisco, Detroit (soul and house), New York (folkies and jazz), Seattle, Bristol, London, Liverpool, Glascow, Jamaica, Paris, Hamburg, Berlin, the list is probably endless....

Even here in Austin there was something like a Scene that peaked in thge 70s with WIllie and the other Outlaw country types - Jerry Jeff, Waylon Jennings, Guy Clark, B.W. Stevenson, Fromholtz, Michael Murphy, Gary P. Nunn, Rusty Weir, Lyle Lovett, Willis Alan Ramsey, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Joe Ely, Doug Sahm, Asleep at the Wheel, there are a ton, I keep thinking of more and more....these mostly were not homegrown artists, but the Scene they heard about drew them here and they, with countless fans and camp followers, made the Scene they came to find.

But if you have ten thousand genres, sub-genres, sub-sub-sub-genres, and artists who come and go like dust in the wind, existing mainly on the internet, there are precious few places for things to stick and accumulate and take on name and notoriety and bloom into a Scene.

Kids used to move to Austin, "to get into the music scene", and they still do, I guess, to some extent, but it's nothing like it used to be. Nashville is a Scene of sorts, but it's so corporatized and monetized - kids don't flock there to hang out - musicians move there hoping to find some springboard to the national or global scene. The Nashville "vibe" is more like applying to Harvard than running away to San Francisco.

Houston does have a Rap scene that's for real. So there's one. And there are who knows how many itty-bitty Scenes here and there, like house-concert circuits and or an Ambient Festival or the Bay Area electronic artists who tend to know a lot of of Bay Area electronic artists and like to identify as such.

But the great, grand Scenes of the past - things are now all exploded and distributed across the internet - the critical mass of a true Scene is close to impossible in this era at least as far as I can discern.

Nothing to do but just move on and work what's better in the here and now and leave the past to fond reminincing.


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