Two things come to mind for me.

1. A new instrument rising to prominence can spur changes, and we have not had that for a while. Look what happened when someone discovered that an electric guitar did not need to emulate an acoustic. Push that amp to 11 and rock out. Same with the synth and sequencer. Even programs like Propellerhead Rebirth can spur change. Sadly, new instrument ideas like the Linnstrument are mostly ignored while kids sit at the computer and search for new sounds to use in Reason and Live. And they continue to play those sounds with a mouse, pad or keyboard.

2. In the past, when music changed, it changed. Classical, jazz, country and rock had clear divisions. Now when a new sound or style comes out it is most likely going to be absorbed into one of the preexisting genres. The lines have blurred. Rock/pop can utilize most any sound and style. Now stations are more concerned with what decade a song was released.

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