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IMO, the Nord EP's are superior to most other rompler EP's that I've had the pleasure of playing. The closest challenger IMO would be the Kronos. The outdated Yamaha EP's in my MOXF pale in comparison tbh.

I see you also have the PC361. Where do you rank that (when triggered from one of your 88s, ideally)?

The MOXF at least has the ability to load in additional EP samples into flash, which is nice.

Korg SV1, Kawai MP7, and probably Yamaha CP4 are other boards with nice EP sounds which I would take over a Nord.

The PC3 EP's seem a bit quirky to my ears. They suffer from obvious velocity switching and the samples don't seem as authentic or as detailed compared to the Nords. As for the MOXF, I've loaded the Chick Corea Rhodes and while it is nice, it's pretty much a niche sound.

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