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It's a less educated keyboardist, not FOH technician, who would at fault for summing a stereo signal to mono. If you have a mono FOH, it is your job to send an appropriate signal to the desk. It is not the FOH tech's job to set up your keyboard.

I base this comment on what I've read here many times when the FOH actually is stereo and you give the technician a stereo feed, but he or she doesn't pan the two signals left and right.

Luckily I've never had this problem, AFAIK that is... smile and I do run actual mono if the PA is mono.

Anyway - the bottom line is I don't think the mono summing of a youtube audio stereo file is quite fair in this case, and I don't think it should be posted by a company representative - I know not everyone would agree, but that's my opinion.
I do not have any problems, whatsoever with the original video quiz. I think it's quite interesting actually. smile

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