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While I understand that pianos and ep's are a matter of personal taste, IMO, the Nord EP's are superior to most other rompler EP's that I've had the pleasure of playing.

The Nord gives you 5 or 6 EP Rhodes samples and two Wurly samples. The detail in the Nord samples is astounding compared to the other romplers.


I have to agree with this statement on the EPs. I do not own a Privia, but have had some time to play it as well as the MOXF and feel that the raw Nord samples are high quality and very flexible. You can use the sample(s) that have the character you need and use the EQ and effects to get some stunning results.

I play only jazz, and prefer a clean sounding Rhodes sample. The PX-5S demos are mostly rock variations, making it difficult for me to evaluate the sound through the distortion and other effects. The store models don't have the downloaded patches, so I can't hear these in person.

The Nord samples (I use two different Rhodes samples) have great detail, key-off sounds and bark when you need them to. You can play them "dry" with just a little bit of reverb and compression and they sound like my old Rhodes Mark 1 Stage. I have not yet heard anything comparible from Casio, Yamaha or the others. Just my humble opinion.

I know this thread is about the AP comparison, so my apologies for the derailing. For the record, I voted for AP 2 in the comparison.

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