Cool -- I didn't realize until recently that it's feasible to get a B3 with Roll-R-Carry in and out of a van without help, but a local (great) player who looks like he weighs about 130 lbs does it, so it must be doable! If I'd known that way back when, maybe I'd have got over my resistance and gotten a Hammond. Today, I'm delighted to have convenient clones, though I do love a chance to play the real thing whenever it happens!

I don't use tape to hold it together. I only use electrical tape on it to keep surfaces from clanking against each other. Two cases: one is at the end of tubes that go inside other tubes. Without the tape, they rattle, which isn't an issue except that it bugs me. The other is where bolt head bump against each other when it's folded up.

I don't need any ties to keep it folded up. It stays that way just fine by itself, but it't not disturbed much where it sits in my van, and the stuff around it would keep it from spreading out anyway.

I haven't yet applied WD40 to where the parts slide as it opens and closes, but I think I'll do that today before I head out to play a blues jam. That's the tightest stage I play, and I'll try to remember to take pics.