Well, I went over Purchasing Department's head and ordered a K&M 18880 stand in black, with a 18881 tier.

First impression is that it's a kick ass stand and I'm going to be really happy with it. It's a bit fussy to set up the first time, requiring a tool (flat little wrench, supplied) to set the height. Also, once set up, while it's quite stable, it *seems* a bit rickety, because some of the tubes rattle inside other tubes. I fixed that pretty quickly by wrapping the inner tubes (legs and tier) in a couple layers of electrical tape, and now it feels solid.

It's light as a feather. One worry I have is, if I put something like a Privia PX-5S and Nord Electro on it, will it bounce away from me, or blow over in a light breeze? (It's really that light.) We'll see; if it happens, it's solvable, but it would dig at me to add weight to the rig just to add weight! Since I'm still using my 55 lb XR76, I'm not worried.

It'll be replacing a pair of X stands: one heavy duty double-brace, and one heavy-duty single brace (which I turned upside down and hacked off what were originally the front "feet", using what were the back feet as the shelf arms, to get it to reach farther over my lower tier.) They're fast to set up, but bulky, heavy, and inconvenient to carry. The 18880 should be even faster to set up and tear down, and is nothing to carry.

I'm leaving the cross brace at home. It doesn't seem to be necessary, adds a few setup steps, and poses a minor transport issue I'd have to solve (probably with a rubber band.)

First live trial tomorrow night, at the Triangle Blues Society jam at Papa Mojo's Roadhouse.

Come by and sit in! The last two jams, I was the only keyboard player. (Before I started joining, they didn't have a keyboard player at all.) Plus I like to hear my rig when it's playing the right notes, for a change. smile

The Purchasing Department gave me a pass, since I've been a good boy two whole years, holding off replacing the nearly worn-out MR76. (We won't mention the Steinway grand just before that, but that was before our current cash flow crunch so it doesn't count! Plus I got a super bargain on that, thanks to Jimmy BluesKeys.)