I am now the proud owner of a Hammond model A102.

This organ has actually been in my guitar player friend's, Ryan, practice room for several years. Back when I was just getting into organ playing 7 years ago, I told my singer friend, John, in my first band about how it was the Hammond organ that we were hearing in all those songs we were covering. We started scouring local ads to see if we could find one. John recalled an organ that was in a local community center that was located in an old house. It turns out that the house had just been sold to a family that he knew. He contacted them about it, and went to check it out. Turns out it was this very organ, an A-102! The family gave it to him for free.

We moved it into our band's practice space, where it has remained until this evening. I would use it occasionally at practices, but it needed some work and didn't have a leslie, and playing it though a guitar amp got old after a while (the internal speaker couldn't compete with all the other instruments). It got less and less use over the years, and since I got my Electro, it hardly got played at all.

Ryan was cleaning up the practice space recently and was looking to gain more space, and wanted to move the organ out. John didn't want it, so I stepped in to save it from an early demise.

Not shown in this picture is the pedal board.

Based on the serial number it was probably made in the early 60s.

I'll probably work on restoring it some day, and transfer the guts into a better looking cabinet. laugh