When posting ads because you are seeking a bass player for your band, please consider including the following information that many people will want to know about your band. You don't have to do this, but it seems like this kind of information would be pretty fundamental.

1. Where are you? (This forum has international reach.)

2. What kind of music do you play? Originals, covers, or both? (Genre plus examples of similar bands is useful here; posters on this forum play many different styles of music.)

3. How often do you rehearse and for how long?

4. How often do you gig, and how widely do you travel for gigs?

5. How much do you pay, or how is band pay worked out?

6. What's the URL for your band's website, or your facebook or myspace page? If you don't have one yet, why not? (e.g., new band)

7. Can you make video or audio samples available to interested players?

I'm sure there is some other useful information, but let's consider this a starting point. Maybe others will have some additional ideas. Including this info will save everyone a lot of time.



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