Finally - at long last !!
I've stolen most of this post from Dave Bryce's Classified Rules - thanks Dave !! We'll modify as needed.

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Due to popular demand, we're going to try having a dedicated forum where members of the forum can let other members of the forum know that they've got gear that they're looking to sell/trade.

Here's the deal:

1) All FS/FT posts MUST remain in this forum. Any FS/FT posts that stray outside the classified forum will be deleted.

2) Anyone putting up an FS/FT thread needs to include either an email address or a PM request - let's try and keep the threads mostly to FS/FT only, and have negotiations and such happen off-line.

3) Once something has been sold, please note that it has been sold in the original thread.

4) Anything that looks even remotely like spam will definitely be nuked.
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I'll add to Dave's notes that we expect the same respectful behavior here as on the Low Down.

Feel free to continue to use your signature to highlight your sale items if you prefer.

And let's keep the bumping to a minimum?

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