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Re: Went cheap[ because I just couldn't resist... picker 12/08/21 12:28 AM
Anybody have the Super Fuzz? Tell me about it!
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Re: Gig report - first "all iOS" (long!) Reezekeys 12/08/21 12:00 AM
Originally Posted by brenner13
Yes, the Japanese Grand is the one I use. Has the most dynamics and brightens up nicely with heavier playing. German Grand is nice too, but much darker.

Before these were available, I mostly used the Stage Grand because it cut through the mix the best of the stock sounds. Again, I’m a rocker.

Colossus and Ravenscroft are still a few steps above for character, dynamics, and overtones when playing by myself.

It's interesting that you prefer those iOS pianos to the Japanese Grand, which afaik is billed as a "premium" piano for the N2/X. Which Colossus model – the big one? All I can do is check out u-tubes, and it's hard to tell how these will work for me since nobody seems to play the kind of stuff I do, at the dynamics I like to use.

Originally Posted by HSS
I use the NC2x mainly for rehearsals, quick jams / open mics, and with my Ipad or Iphone at home. I play a lot of blues and soul and also use the Japanese Grand when I don't want to hassle with hooking my iPhone or Ipad up to run Ravenscroft.

I play piano on the NC2x with the touch set on "hard" so high velocities don't trigger as easily and "clank" as much.

I agree with previous comments that the NC2x's action is a bit "spongey, but I much prefer it over my NE5d for piano playing while I prefer my Kurz SP4-7's SW action a little more than the NC2x's.

Despite my whining about the NC2x, especially its crappy Leslie sim and overdrive, IMO the NC2x is helluva lot of board for its price point and portability.
Thanks guys for these tidbits. I'm allergic to "clanky" pianos, but it might be par for the course with anything other than the heavy hitters of the Mac & Windows world with lots of layers to work with. It's certainly possible I could use the N2 or 2X just as a controller with my computer – if the keybed works for me. The onboard pianos would be reserved for emergencies, or stuff like wedding ceremonies in the garden (if I ever do those kinds of gigs again). Just daydreaming of having a super-light 88 to bring to a gig.
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Re: The Beatles "Get Back" Trailer Joe Muscara 12/07/21 11:42 PM
Episode One ended when it did because it was a cliffhanger*. I suspected it would be and for once in my life, I was correct. smile

*Not that any of us didn't know it was going to resolve, but it was a key story point and it was interesting to see how it did resolve, and what happened with the band before it did.
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Re: 1955 Bo Diddley on Ed Sullivan/ Guild M-75 prototype? Larryz 12/07/21 11:35 PM
This may be of interest photowise:

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Re: Dig My Rig--Let's see your setup! Joe Muscara 12/07/21 11:23 PM
Welcome, 'kid! None of the second group was updated down, but sideways OTOH… wink
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Re: "The Big Book of Helix Tips and Tricks" Is Out!! KuruPrionz 12/07/21 11:09 PM
Congratulations! That's quite an undertaking.

The video is to the point and looks great as well.
No Line 6 gear here yet, doesn't mean there won't be at some point.

Still slowly surfing your Max Your Mix book, there've been many distractions.
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Re: Sorta OT: Why Did/Do Guitarists Reject Synthesizers? Tusker 12/07/21 11:05 PM
Originally Posted by Tusker
Jacob Collier's "In the Bleak MidWinter" was one of the few chordal microtonal pieces I had appreciated up to now.

Just in case Kuru or others haven't experienced it, here' s David Bruce commenting on "In the Bleak Midwinter."

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Re: What's Your Favorite Compressor, and Why? KenElevenShadows 12/07/21 10:59 PM

It's like an RNC, only with distortion, girth. And the price was right.

I haven't used a ton of compressors, but this one, I do like. It does what it is supposed to do. And it makes things sound a little fatter. I can't complain.

The best one I've messed around with at NAMM was a while ago, and that was the Distressor. Incredible thing, that was.
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Re: Who has a Moog Matriarch? GovernorSilver 12/07/21 08:07 PM
For whatever reason Moog Music does not seem to maintain an active presence in their own forums.

I have heard they can be more responsive if you go to the corporate site and attempt to contact them via the popup chat window. That said, I have not had to contact them for support for quite some time.
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Re: With a heavy heart I post this… analogman1 12/07/21 08:05 PM
LOL Glad everyone enjoyed this!
NOW Get out there and spend your $$$, the holidays are upon us!!! wink
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Re: COVID saved Guitar Center KuruPrionz 12/07/21 07:14 PM
Originally Posted by surfergirl
I have been working at surfboard factory for about 2 months now. I'm learning to sand and polish and eventually to glass.
What has happened is a large influx of beginner surfers who are now moving from $300 to $500 boards to higher quality boards and we can barely keep up with the orders. I would anticipate the same thing could happen in the guitar industry. If so the future could be very bright.

You could be right Surfergirl. I was recently given the go-ahead on an estate accumulation of guitars and I've sold 11 guitars in about a week. The prices I've gotten were reasonable for used guitars in good condition.
One customer has come back twice after his first purchase and now owns 3 of the guitars.

I was expecting it to take longer, I do still have 5 guitars that need new homes but I don't anticipate that being too difficult.
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Re: Have to decide Logic Pro or Ableton live for my new Fantom 8 Docbop 12/07/21 04:49 PM
Originally Posted by videorov
I won't buy Apple because the things they do like their deal with CHINA now. They should invest in America so they can keep their crap.

That deal was struck about five years ago and similar to deals they have done with other large companies with large interests in China. India has done same thing going even further back. What generates this is big US countries hiring so many Chinese and India's college grads and bringing them to the US to work. Those countries have told big US companies to build offices in their countries and quit exporting so many of our young professionals.
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Re: Official NFL 2021-2022 Thread GovernorSilver 12/07/21 04:31 PM
Originally Posted by Geoff Grace
I think I understand why the Chargers aren't your favorite team anymore. It's hard to root for a club that abandoned your community. As you probably recall, when the Rams moved to St. Louis, they stopped being my favorite team; and I decided that my new favorite would be the one NFL franchise that was guaranteed to stay put—the Packers. (It didn't hurt that I lived in Wisconsin during parts of my childhood, so they had been my local team for awhile.)

I hope your new favorites, the Aztecs, have plenty of success.



Barron Hilton, then heir to the Hilton hotel empire, was the first owner, and the one who moved the Chargers from LA to San Diego. He was also active in the AFL, serving as president in 1965. Later, he was offered the CEO job, but on the condition he give up his football activities and sell the team. The Hilton company obviously did not foresee the AFL-NFL merger, then the skyrocketing profitability of NFL football. Who knows how different their history would have been if they had become a subsidiary of Hilton Hotels Corp...

When I was still living in San Diego, there was already talk about Dean Spanos' desire to move the Chargers to LA. But then-owner Alex Spanos was still alive and by all reports liked San Diego enough to work with the city government to keep them there. After Alex died, Dean became the owner and couldn't wait to get the Chargers out. Maybe Dean really thought the Chargers would be more profitable in LA. Maybe he just wanted to hobnob with his fave Hollywood celebrities and live that (perceived) glamorous LA lifestyle. Who knows... I see he still continues to have the reputation of poor leadership, organization, etc. that drove Eli Manning away.

Aztecs ended up losing the MWC but their upcoming stadium got a naming deal with Qualcomm.
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Re: smallest form factor controller 'board (cant get SL) miden 12/07/21 04:22 PM
Originally Posted by stoken6
Yamaha p121? Same footprint as RD64, better action imho.

Regards, Mike.

I'll see if there are any s/h units floating about down here - will research them a bit, thanks!
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Re: Live Performance in the Age of Covid Mighty Motif Max 12/07/21 04:21 PM
Originally Posted by New&Improv
Just read this thread from top to bottom, all 11 pages. Really good insight and discussion here, and I'm thankful for the discourse. I normally hang out in the Keyboard forum, so I hadn't noticed this thread until today.

I have a current situation that I haven't seen discussed, and, please, if this is too political, please delete.The TL/DR version, an NYE gig I am playing is getting threatened by boycotts and protests because the venue is requiring proof of vaccination and/or negative COVID tests for admittance.


The gig will be limited to 100 attendees, and require proof of vaccine and/or proof of a negative COVID test at the door. We have discussed the risks at length, and recognize that there is still risk of infection with these precautions. We as a band are all vaccinated, I believe we have all had boosters as well, and our county has the highest percentage of vaccinated people in the state, and our county has generally taken all mask and distancing mandates seriously, resulting in one of the lowest infection and hospitalization rates in the state (OR). There are other venues in town, and in the area, that are having regular indoor shows with the same requirements as our show. The venue will not be requiring proof of vaccine for all open hours, they will follow the state mask mandates for indoor dining, and only require proof of vaccine for shows.


This has escalated to where there is an active call to mobilize a street protest outside the event, and a call to permanently boycott the business (which hasn't even opened yet). The owners have reported receiving threatening messages privately. It really is insane, and infuriating. At first, some of us tried engaging with the anti-vaxxers, but there was no possibility of changing their minds. Eventually, the owners blocked commenting on the threads they posted and took all commentary about the gig private, but we have seen evidence that the antivax army are still threatening to come out and protest this event.

Anybody else dealing with this crap at their gigs? Any suggestions? I'm pretty certain we won't actually see protesters at the show, as most of those protesting online live outside the area. But with nut job like these and the current social/political climate, who knows?

First, I'm sorry you have to deal with that. I don't see why those folks are so unreasonable considering that a negative COVID test is also acceptable...that in theory should have prevented that since it wasn't a complete vaccinated-only requirement. That's how I would do it as well. [As a side note, I am generally in favor of everyone still getting tested regardless of vaccination status at this point, if one wants to cover all bases]. So I'm really sad to hear that that isn't enough for these people. I'm assuming they're mostly keyboard warriors who are angry at the whole world. I wouldn't expect more than a few people to spill over, if any [unlike the recent scenario with "JFK" in Texas that had substantial real-world translation, this doesn't seem to have the same scale of national following]. From what I can tell your friends are doing everything to give people options and remain safe both, which I appreciate.

To answer your question, no, I haven't had that happen with any gigs yet, but then again I haven't really done a lot of gigs since the start of all this, outside of university function gigs and a summer weekly gig at a local restaurant, which was outdoors anyways. I also currently live in somewhat of a wild west area for COVID protocols, though things could be much worse.
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Re: Piano bar guys...what are your biggest tip generating songs? Jazz+ 12/07/21 04:13 PM
Linus and Lucy
Take 5
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Re: I just got a Tornado..! jeffinpghpa 12/07/21 04:03 PM
Really nice playing there by Jeff Bousfield as always.
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Re: Need help finding a Prince keyboard sound Steve Nathan 12/07/21 03:21 PM
Curious. Why do you want these sounds and what gear are you using to try and match them?
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Re: Organ Software - Controller Round Up AlexJer 12/07/21 02:15 PM
Dear Experts! Maybe someone knows what kind of potentiometer (how many kilo-ohms, logarithmic, inversely logarithmic or linear) is in the expression pedal?

Second question - Leslie's speed switch - is it just a three position toggle switch?

The stock pedal and the stock switch are prohibitively expensive. I would like to try doing it myself ....
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Re: Alex Smith - Lady Gaga's Keyboardist Old No7 12/07/21 01:00 AM
Originally Posted by Outkaster
Bennett still has range. The music actually helps him even with dementia.
Yes, I saw that his wife and Lady Gaga both commented on that in an interview I'd read. I noted his on-stage time was short, which likely explains why she started with some tunes of her own, but he left on a high note with smiles all around.

I damn well hope I'm HALF that good when I am 95!!!

And having a pretty young dame half my age at my side... Sigh... Yeah, I'll take that too! whistle

Old No7
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Re: Pedal order KuruPrionz 12/06/21 10:38 PM
Octave first, no two ways about it
What sort of filter? It will provide different tones before the overdrive/distortion than it does after it. Try them both and see which way you prefer, that one is not set in stone.
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Re: Carry On Piano - could this be what we've been looking for? HSS 12/06/21 10:09 PM
Prior to travel by air back to Missouri during the Thanksgiving Holidays, I was looking for a travel piano keyboard for carry-on and I tried out the Vangoa Folding, Lexington Splicing, and Carry-on (88 key version) piano keyboards from Amazon. I returned all three before the trip because IMO their internal sounds and speakers blew chunks. Although I could midi my Ipad to all three for better sounds, I felt that the boards should at least have good enough internal sounds and speakers for just casual spur-of-the-moment noodling without having to hook any peripherals up. For context, my Casio CT-700 smokes all three of these keyboards for internal sounds and speakers.

Having said all of this, IMHO the all-around best of the three keyboards I tried was the Vangoa Folding piano keyboard, because it at least had somewhat touch sensitive, nearly full-sized keys with travel approaching a real piano. Both the Lexington Splicing and the Carry-on piano keyboards had smaller (shorter) keys and substantially less travel, with the Carry-on being the worst having no touch sensitivity at all.

I'm hoping that Casio or Yamaha jump on the concept of an affordable folding or spliceable piano keyboard for air travel carry-on that will provide decent internal sounds and speakers as well as basic midi functionality. I suspect that there could be a lucrative market. I'm aware of the old VAX-77 folding keyboard from several years ago but it was priced way out of reach for the mass market or weekend warriors such as myself.
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Re: Spacestation vs pair QSC K8.2 for piano? 16251 12/06/21 05:20 PM
Originally Posted by Dave Ferris
Then there were the years of two Barbetta amps running stereo... facepalm

That's the other speaker company I was trying to think about. This model the Sona 31. I like the concept for bass response. Bass players seem to like the idea.
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Re: Mics you / I own, what's good? KuruPrionz 12/06/21 04:47 PM
The tools I ordered to improve my microphone build experience have arrived. I will start soon.

I got a small pair of flush-cut nippers for trimming leads at the solder joint on the circuit board, a wire stripper for small insulated wiring and conformal fluid, which seals off specific joints to prevent surface corrosion.
Those should improve the build experience and increase the trouble free life of the microphone.

I also picked up Eventide Precision Time Align plugin, which makes it simple to align 2 sound sources for perfect phase or out of phase to any desired extent. More precise and easier than aligning tracks by hand.
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Re: Y'all Healthy? zeronyne 12/06/21 04:40 PM
Local nurse is dead. She was a staunch anti vaxxer working in intensive care. Caught COVID. Did not recover. Her high school kid is NOT an anti vaxxer, but she is punished just the same because of her mom.

In my town of 30,000, there are six big hospitals due to the aging population here. There are zero beds available. Pretty imperative surgeries are being rescheduled due to lack of resources.
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