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Combo amp question..


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If you attempt this, be sure of two things.


  1. Run the internal speakers or the 4x12, but preferably not both.
  2. The load from the cabinet must match the load of the combo's internal speaker(s) I.e. 4 ohms, 8 ohms, 16 ohms.


Putting a 4 ohm cab on a power amp not designed to handle anything lower than 8 ohms will burn out your power transformer in short order.

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On most Marshall combos that I'm familiar with, the internal speakers are plugged into jacks on the back of the chassis. When you unplug that to plug an external speaker in, you automatically disconnect the internal speakers. They will be marked "Loudpeakers Min 8 ohms" or something to that effect. If it's a stereo amplifier, then there will be two plugs, one marked "right" and one marked "left" and whatever the required impedance is. That impedance requirement is the total for the external cabinet....not each speaker inside the cabinet.


If you do happen have a separate jack for an external speaker cabinet, then you will want to make sure whether the jack disconnects the internal speakers when you plug a cable into it.

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